Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doctor's apple a day...

I had my physical today. And the doctor told me what I already knew. That I am too fat, probably have high cholesterol, and have high blood pressure... I need blood work done, a mammogram done and need to lose weight. Oh yeah, and the "annual" woman thing was performed as well-nothing like being violated by a cold piece of metal while someone you don't know peers into your nether regions and uses something that feels like a rough toothbrush to "get a sample" and causes my uterus to protest by cramping up. It's still protesting by the way, and all those looks that hubby is giving me telling me to come to bed? He can forget it, lol.

Now I realize this is for my health...but why the heck do the things that I like to eat and that taste GOOD end up being bad for me? I am suffering now, I said I wouldn't eat anything after 7 pm. It's a start. I love to snack in front of the computer. So far, I've had a bottle of Poland Spring water-and 2 Hershey Pot of Gold chocolates...(they were crying out for me to eat them since tonight's trash night and I needed to throw out the box) I am going to get more water if I feel hungry-which should be in an hour or two.

So, since I wanna be around for awhile-and my body isn't what it used to be-I guess I'd better listen to the doctor and start searching for some healthy recipes and eat more fruits and veggies! (but I will still be dreaming of McD's french fries as I eat those celery sticks!)


Leslie M. said...

Well..I love ya! Those Veggies are soo Good though and if you fix 'em the right way they taste good. ONE week here in GA and I would have you CRAVING veggies Girlie!
I am telling ya!

Feel good.. Oh and you didn't like the gyn Exam.. hmmmm I look forward to that every year. hahah what's wrong with me! hahah J/K

Ms. Latina said...

I'm at the same place- high cholesterol, need to lose weight, but no high blood pressure thank God! I'm rooting for you and will be checking up on you cause I find it does help when others do it with us! =)

shopannies said...

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