Monday, June 1, 2009

Waiting for baby's arrival-

I haven't been posting the usual stuff because the due date for my son's girlfriend was last week-and no baby yet. Last night, she was having contractions every half hour and I don't know who was more nervous-her or me.

Today they both went to school, but left early because the contractions were getting worse, and we think that her plug might have come out this morning. So I have been busy trying to calm two nervous teenagers, dealing with her mom (who is celebrating by getting drunk-no family support there) and I will probably be heading up to the hospital later if they keep her.

Last time she had pains, her mom went up, signed her in, (because of her age her mother has to be there) and signed the paper releasing her at the same time, and she stayed awhile and then left her pregnant daughter at the hospital so she could go home and get her boyfriend up so he could go to work that night. Um, there is something wrong with this picture, folks. The boyfriend needs an alarm clock and she could have CALLED him to get his lazy butt up for work not leave her daughter hooked up to a fetal monitoring machine in a hospital ready to have her baby alone. (considering all of the girl's older siblings had been removed by the state for neglect it only goes to say that "mom" sorely lacks in parenting skills.) Because of this, both of them are looking to me to be their parental support-her mom only gets drunk or shows up drunk and acts like an idiot, embarrassing them both in front of the nurses and midwife. I know I shouldn't be ranting, but nothing irks me more than parents who don't step up to the plate and support their kids. Granted, I didn't support or even encourage their sleeping together (her mom allowed it-it's more money come the first of the month as far as she is concerned)but now that they did, and there is a child involved I am trying to help as best as I can.

So now it's a waiting game. The baby will come when he decides he is ready. Because he is a bit overdue, they may induce her as well. I'm hoping by the next time I post there will be a baby here :) I'm going through a whole range of emotions-excited, sad, disappointed, happy, worried-you name it. For my hubby, it's really no big deal since a couple of his sisters had babies very young, it's fairly common in Guatemala where he is from. His ex-wife and he were married when she was 15 and he was 18-and she ended up having her first child at 16. Things happen, and I need to deal with it but sometimes it isn't easy when you are a parent and have dreams and aspirations for your child and things change. But no one ever said life was easy, right? ;) The kids called just now, will be heading to the hospital in a few so I will keep ya'll informed!

update: nothing yet, at 9pm est. My son informed me that the doctors wanted to see his girlfriend today, but her mom was too busy out spending her first of the month check so they never got there. (which explains why he never called me to tell me to meet them at the hospital) Considering her mom needs to be there to sign her in, and she is probably not sober-waiting to see how all of this plays out later on. I think she will be staying at my house most evenings now, just in case she needs to get there in a hurry... geez-parents like that really should be stripped of their rights until they can get a freakin' clue on HOW to be a parent.


Leslie M. said...

Your in my Prayers Gramma! I will be thinking of you and praying for your son and his Girlfriend.. YOU know I can empathize!!
Keep us posted!!
Love you!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I don't know you, but I'm so proud of you and thankful that people like you are in this world making a difference.

My parents were 16 and 19 when I was born, and I'm so grateful to be here. My father's mother, took them in and made sure I had a home until they could stand on their own, much like you are doing. I loved my grandmother very much. She was like a second mother to me. When I was 30 years old, I held her hand, refusing to leave her as she took her last breath.

I've written a dedication to my mom. The Fruit of a Teen Mother. It's located here:

I've also dedicated a webpage to my grandmother here:

This baby has a purpose in life and you are part of it. My prayers are with you.

Many blessings,

Our Crazy Life said...

I think if it was me~~ and it was 8 years ago~~ I would file for guardianship over the girlfriend and the baby to save her- and your gandchild- from her psychotic mother.
I don't understand how people like that can call themselves a parent, but I am also glad that some do because I have a beautiful 4 & 6 year old because of a mother like that!!