Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Fathers Day tomorrow!

My dad passed away this past Valentine's Day-so this will be the first year that he won't be around which is kind of depressing but I will get through it. (and probably visit the cemetery as well)

Sometimes I wonder who is the kid-lol... here is a photo of hubby and Deja at the local bowling center (Central Me Family Fun Center in Skowhegan if wondering) playing some games. We went there a few weekends ago and had some awesome pizza and nachos! Deja was able to get a ring pop and couple of other trinkets with her skee ball tickets, but the time she spent with daddy is priceless :)

Little baby D continues to grow and Aunt Deja is right there making sure all of his needs are met. She feeds him, holds him and WATCHES when I change him-she doesn't want to attempt that yet. We usually give my son and his girlfriend a few hours a day to relax and watch TV or go out and visit friends-the weather has been rainy and damp so they haven't wanted to take the baby out. So far, they are adjusting quite well to parenthood at such a young age. It seems strange that this year there will be TWO dads in the house, my hubby and my son.

Tomorrow I have plans to take hubby to a breakfast brunch/buffet with our daughter-my son (who is seriously sleep deprived---won't even want to get up early)so he will probably sleep in after a long night of waking up to feed baby. He and the girlfriend take turns, because they both need to share parenting responsibilities. So, I haven't decided what to do for my son yet. Probably get him his favorite meal when he manages to venture downstairs-which could be mid afternoon knowing him.

So, I just want to give a shout out to all the dads out there-Wishing you all a Happy Father's Day! Remember, anyone can be a father-but it takes someone very special to be a daddy. :) Enjoy your day!

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Leslie M. said...

Your pictures are Beautiful! Happy Father's day to your Family as Well Gramma! I am so proud of you Friend!!!