Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Is This World Coming To? Remember the 3 P's.

Ever wonder what the heck is going on in the world? Have you turned on the news lately? Lately, we've had some high profile people pass away-some were older, sick with a terminal illness, and some were a complete surprise. Farrah, Michael, Ed and now this Billy Mays infomercial star-all in one week. WTF is going on, anyways?

North Korea is threatening to give us our own nuclear fireworks show, the Middle East is a hotbed of activity and the Iran election protests continue on. In Honduras this morning, we have a military coup and the President has been removed from office, kidnapped and sent to Costa Rica. Chavez is getting his Venezuelan army ready and doing some serious saber rattling down in SA. Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are all bitching about the US in some way or another-whether we get involved, or we stand back and let them deal with their own BS in their country. Seems we're doomed if we do, doomed if we don't.

And our own country, with its current economic crisis, flood of foreclosures and exodus of jobs as companies learn to do more with less. Do you live in one of those 19 states that just might not be able to pay their bills and issue IOU's to its creditors next week? Here in Maine, Monday July 6th is a state shutdown day-luckily we got hubby's drivers license renewed before it expired on July 4th. Are you at all worried that you will wake up one day and realize our money has lost its value? It CAN happen, other countries have faced the same issues in the past and just because we live here does not make us immune to that fact. Sometimes I wonder if this infusion of cash into our system, the bailouts etc... is just postponing the inevitable-which is the collapse of the dollar and our economy as we know it.

Face it folks-America is a consumerist society. We import way more than we export, and of course that increases out debt. The days of old, where manufacturing was a way of life here in the US are long gone. The old mills stand idle, vacant-or are converted into offices, apartments, etc... I watched the paper industry, our local shirt making factory and other mills shut down here as manufacturers realized that the cost of business here in the US wasn't profitable for them. They had to pay union wages, or good salaries with bonuses and benefits, adhere to strict environmental laws and regulations and had to pay overtime and other high bills, such as heating and electricity which cut into their profits.

Now they are overseas, paying a pittance, not worrying about child labor laws or environmental issues. What may have cost $5.00 to make here only costs 10 cents over there. But what about safety concerns? So many cheap imports flooding the market-overworked inspectors passing shipments through without safety checks. Who pays the price? We do-melamine in our pet food, lead in our kids toys, food and candy recalls and so many other things that we don't even know about-yet.


Maybe it's time to pay heed to the current world events. Prepare yourself for what might come. It may be a lay off, a foreclosure, a natural disaster or something much more catastrophic than that. Remember the three P's: Prepare, Protect and Persevere. It won't be easy, but by preparing, you can protect your family from any crisis which may be immediate or long-term, and using your knowledge-you can persevere though these difficult times ahead.

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Toddler Crafts Onna said...

All of the things going on in the world are really scary if we let ourselves think about it! I can't allow myself to think about it to much otherwise I start to freak!