Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Grandson Pics!

For those that have asked, here he is! The first pic of course was right after he was born in the hospital on June 5th-they had just given him that ointment in his eyes and he wasn't particularly happy about getting a photo opp.

The second one is later that evening, his Aunt Deja getting to know him in the hospital.

and the third was just taken a couple of days ago while he was crashing on grandma's waterbed watching some Spanish TV (music videos) with my hubby Jose.


Leslie M. said...

Your Grandson is Beautiful Michele and your Daughter is JUST gorgeous! YOU are BLESSED!!!!

Tylerpants said...

What a cutie!

rozzissweetpeas said... family is's nice to get to know you a little better...hugs rozzi

Stephanie said...

So sweet! I love that top pic...and "Aunt D" looks so proud in the middle photo.

Congrats to you and yours!

- Stephanie