Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Going on a vacation soon!

Heading down to Southern New England (NH & RI) for the holiday weekend. July 4th, which happens to be hubby's birthday will be fun to celebrate away from home this year. Looking forward to fireworks, BBQ's and fun providing the weather holds out!
It's been a VERY rainy June here in New England, and I am hoping that summer finally decides to arrive. (Watch it arrive July 13th the day I head back to work! Isn't that always the way it happens?!)

I have some packages to mail out, review/giveaway to post before I leave, and lots of other fun things to do. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy, crazy day. Today we went shopping at HD for new flooring for our hallway and living room carpet. Our carpet is gross-after 4 cats and a teen son who would barf all the time you can only clean up so much with the steamer. (my son has a weak stomach, always has-doc said its nerves) Now my son didn't barf purposely on the living room carpet, but he'd fall asleep watching TV/playing video games many times and then wake up sick to his stomach. I think part of it was stuffing himself too full with pizza, Chinese takeout, and sweets too darn late in the evening. The kid eats like a horse, and is rail thin-I wish I had his metabolism! So anyways, although he has outgrown the barfing on the carpet because I couldn't make it to the bathroom on time phase-we decided it was time for a new floor because no matter how much we tried to get our beige carpet clean, it just wasn't going to happen. So we got laminate flooring in a nice wood design-simply gorgeous. I figure with that I am safe and can put area rugs on the new floor as well.

Before we tackle these home improvement projects, we are taking a few days off for some R & R. Wishing you all a happy, safe and fun Fourth of July!

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I hope you guys have a good fourth of july!