Monday, June 1, 2009

Florastor Kids Review & Giveaway

Awhile back I was selected to review the Florastor Kids Dietary Supplements and was anxiously awaiting them so I could try them out on Deja, who had checked out their website with me and thought it would be neat to help mom out.

At times, Deja has said that her tummy just didn't feel well-and I really didn't know too much about Probiotics until I visited the Florastor website and started using the Florastor Kids supplement packets with Deja. Sure, I'd heard that yogurt contains Probiotics but before visiting the Florastor website I never knew what Probiotics WERE.

Probiotics contain live micro-organisms (good bugs like yeast or bacterium) that, when taken, produce health benefits. With all the stomach ailments that people have been having nowadays (I know at work most of us are out several times a year with "the stomach flu") I thought it'd be worth it to promote good intestinal health and have the good microorganisms growing in the stomach-to keep up a healthy balance in the intestinal flora. Because let's face it: too many bad bugs in your system and you are bound to get sick!

What is Florastor Kids? Florastor Kids is a probiotic made of live freeze dried yeast cells of the species Saccharomyces boulardii lyo. Travel, stress, disease and a number of other ailments can creep up on your child and cause the intestinal flora/bowels to be upset. And I know as a mom, you definitely don't want to deal with that! Saccharomyces boulardii lyo has been studied for over 50 years and has been shown to be effective in maintaining a health balance in the gut, and is safe and natural. It can be taken for more than two days and it's recommended one packet in the morning and another in the evening. Just by doing something as simple as adding Florastor Kids to their diet can help to prevent and manage several types of diarrhea and acute gastroenteritis-and it can be given in children as young as two months by adding it to their formula since it comes in a convenient powder. I know that if we ever visit hubby's family in Guatemala, my tummy (they have Florastor for adults too!) and those of my family are going to be protected against the curse of traveler's diarrhea-who wants to spend their vacation in the bathroom, right? But knowing hubby, he will take us to the street vendors and our systems just might not be able to handle that very well :)

I was sent 2 boxes of 10 packets and the reason I haven't been able to review it before this is that the lovely Fedex lady who delivered on a Saturday wasn't aware of where I lived and left my package with a neighbor. Sure, she called me and I sat around waiting knowing she was coming by-but as the day grew late I had to run some errands. And that of course, is when the delivery came. So my neighbor Meg intercepted the package and kept it at her house :) and with two little ones under four, she did what every other mommy does at times-she forgot about it. About two weeks ago she sheepishly brought over my package and apologized profusely for not bringing it to me sooner. But I forgave her :)

Deja decided that we'd try the Florastor Kids that following Monday. Since she was going to be the test subject, I let her pick the date. That morning, she decided she wanted applesauce as a snack before she headed off to school and we poured a packet into the appplesauce and mixed it around. She ate it all, and everything was fine. That evening, she decided she wanted a packet poured into her bottle of Poland Spring water. And then we shook it and shook it to mix things up thoroughly. Although it was mixed fine, Deja did not tolerate it in water-after the first few gulps she decided she'd had enough. However, when mixed with Apple Juice, well that was another story. She drank it all and didn't make any faces like she had with the water. So, to be safe we stuck to apple juice and applesauce and things worked out just fine.

I didn't notice a huge difference in Deja-only that she complained less that her belly hurt her. Going to the bathroom and stuff like that? In her grown up 7 year old tone she told me- "Mom, it's all good!" She's been off the Florastor for a few days now, and today she came home telling me her belly hurts again and she feels like she wants to puke. She was warm and had a headache too. It's probably just a bug going around, but I think it was kinda strange that now that she is off the Florastor she is back to feeling yucky in her tummy. While I may not give Florastor to her every day, I definitely want to have some on hand at home along with other things that I like to keep in the medicine cabinet-just in case.

I still have one box of Florastor Kids (10 packets) for you to try out. Here's what you need to do:

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Giveaway starts today June 1st and continues until June 12th 11:59 pm EST which is my one year bloggy anniversary! PLEASE leave a way to get in touch with you, either leave your email in your comment or leave a way to get in touch with you through your blog. US only please. Good luck!

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