Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review: Eden Fantasys (Adult Site)

First, let me start off by saying that I'm a firm believer that fun between two consenting adults can be a GOOD thing. And sometimes, to enhance that "fun" I like to add a few things to make it interesting. I mean, seriously, what's a taco like if you don't add a little spice now and then, right? (Yes, I like my food very spicy folks-it's part of having a Latino hubby)

So when I was contacted by Eden Fantasys to do a product review I have to admit that I was pretty happy. And when I told hubby about it, he was even happier and of course, a very WILLING participant. Having him home this past month with an Achilles Tendon injury has been a pain, but we got plenty of reviewing time, lol! Eden Fantasys has much more than adult toys. They also have movies, books and party favors/gag gifts. Have you ever gone to a bachelorette party with that fun gag gift that was the hit of the party? I know in the past when I had friends that had birthdays coming up, I would stock up on some gag gifts and then wrap them up and let them open their gift in front of everyone. It sure resulted in some very red faces, especially those who opened their gifts in front of dear old mom and dad. Know what would be a great idea? Years ago when I was in my 20's I went to a bachelorette party. The bride-to-be got some wonderful gifts and then she made us play party games. She'd actually gotten a pinata and filled it with adult gag gifts and goodies for us ladies! Eden Fantasys has tons of fun stuff like that that you can order! It was a good night-we had a great time whacking the heck out of that donkey and scrambling for our fun little presents. (and the mixed drinks helped of course too!)

Back to my review-I'm a fan of couples toys-so hubby and I spent some time visiting the site, reading the reviews from other users (very helpful by the way!) and checking out the different options before selecting one that suited us. The site is super easy to navigate and very well divided into categories so you can find what you are looking for with relative ease. Once we had made our choice, the item arrived quickly-and it was discreetly wrapped so the lady that handed me my mail would not have had any idea what on Earth was in the package. It was so discreetly wrapped that my 7 year old saw it in the car and wanted to open it thinking it was for her. I almost let her open the package (she's my official package opener) but knowing that the product was on the way, I made sure she didn't touch this one!

Now for the unfortunate part. As women we all have to deal with it, so let it be said that Aunt Flo decided to visit me the next day. Hubby of course was disappointed, but offered to lend his services to another willing participant who could review it for me. Of course, he was just joking, trying to hide his disappointment but when I threatened him a la Lorena Bobbitt he decided it was time to shut up. You'd think that it ended there, but the toy that we selected needed batteries. Hubby assured me that he had some in the house, so I omitted them from our weekly shopping trip. So the moment arrives that we're alone in the house for the first time in awhile. We drew the curtains, shut the windows, and locked the door. Our king sized waterbed was awaiting. Hubby was in charge of the batteries. He runs to the living room and takes the batteries out of--the DEAD remote control. Of course, he didn't tell ME this. I can tell you, I have never seen a man throw on his pants so fast and drive to the store down the road as I saw hubby go that day. Usually it's a cold beer that gets him this motivated, lol.

We've been trying out our toy for a week now-and I can tell you it is well made, lots of fun, and um, hits all the right spots if you know what I mean. With so many toys and other items available, Eden Fantasys surely has something for everyone. Be sure to check out what they have to offer you! Thanks to Drew for letting me review such a great product and give my opinion on what they have to offer-I'm already eyeing a few more things to add to my stash!


Leslie M. said...

Ohh la la!! What no Giveaway?? hahha
I was hoping you would have a $5000 giveaway! hahahh Knowing YOU! YOU are just the own to get US a deal like that!!

Uhmm dare I ask what kinda Toy you reviewed? hahahha
Just kidding! Eden Fantasys Does have some Neato stuff and I do have a Really Beautiful Candle from them!

Enjoy hahahah ahemmm your toy!
hahahah You just tickle me Bebe!!

hondaray6 said...

Ohh La La is right! Crazy lady, you crack me up! I can picture your DH racing out for batteries, but I must say- THAT MUST BE SOME TOY IF HE WAS WILLING TO GIVE UP THE REMOTE BATTERIES FOR IT! Hee Hee!

exotic1 said...

ROTFL I can see it now Your Hubby dashing to the store with shirt on inside out,,,, mismatched shoes ,,,pockets of jeans inside out trying desperately to get to the store in a flash. What I'd like to know is how would he ever let the batteries in the remote die without replacing them ASAP. That's usually on top of a mans shopping list lol