Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heading South...

laptop packed but NOT charged... going to go find me a feast, festival or something to do in Rhode Island to keep me busy and away from the dance clubs and too many sex on the beaches, lol. (the drinks folks... nothing more)

Not that this middle aged mama heads to the dance clubs any more-though sometimes it's interesting to sit outside and watch the patrons stumble out after a long night of dancing, drinking and getting to know that person they've been staring at for the last hour of the night while deciding if they actually DO look better after several more drinks. Ha, the poor choices we sometimes make when our judgement is impaired!

I've got a 4 hour ride ahead of me, so heading out in a few. Have a great weekend and I will hopefully have some pics up by tomorrow night!


Lapa37 said...

Have a fun and safe trip

Leslie M. said...

WOW, have fun and DRIVE SAFE!!!