Monday, May 11, 2009

Techie Grandma?

I just got a call from my mother. She wanted to tell me she had been playing with the Ipod touch that Deja left at her house yesterday. By the way, my laptop is there too-she and Deja made monster faces on the Photo Booth and kept them saved for me to see...

Now mom is panicked because the Ipod touch is needing to be charged. And she wants to beat her high score on Bejeweled 2. I tried to explain to her about how to charge up the laptop first and then the Ipod using the connection provided on the laptop, but somewhere I lost her. So she is going to pick up her 7 year old granddaughter at the after school program right NOW so she can show her how to do this. Why? Because she wants to keep playing!

I have been TELLING my mom for ages now that she needs to get a computer and surf the web. But she has always been uninterested until now. She has hours home alone, and I guess soap operas and game shows just aren't that appealing anymore. Maybe now she will listen and use that extra computer I offered her awhile ago.

The man downstairs has wireless, but we've been unable to connect her to the internet-my Macbook usually picks up a wireless right away but all but one were locked connections. And the one we tried kept timing the man offered to help her out. (he's single, her age, and has a girlfriend but has been married 5x-I think he wants to help her out in more ways than one! lol)

So what will happen when and if mom gets connected to the internet? The jury is still out on that one, but I know she'd find out all my secrets :) Oh well, she can't ground me now anyways lol! I do know I think I just created a Bejeweled 2 addict however. Which is fine, as long as she doesn't beat MY high score!!!!


Lilly said...

That is the best, get her connected and thats the last you will see of her. She will be addicted like the rest of us. Love this post!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL that is great ... I wish my mom would be so she will stop calling about looking up things ... LOL