Saturday, May 9, 2009

Frigidaire, are you out there?

Ok, I'm jealous. Now, I know my momma told me that it was wrong to be jealous of other people's stuff... but the ugly green eyed monster has reared its head.

Some of my favorite bloggers are getting lotsa new Frigidaire appliances. As in new kichen appliances AND laundry appliances too! Now, I am gonna tell you all that when we moved to this house in 2005 I tossed all those old kitchen appliances right out the door. And bought my OWN Frigidaire kitchen. Yup, my own smooth top range and new fridge-which, by the way have been working perfectly since I got them. And I wouldn't trade them for anything, hubby says he's not going to buy me any more appliances for a long, long time so lucky for me, these Frigidaire appliances are made to last. I even took a couple of pics to PROVE that I am a proud Frigidaire owner and have been since 2005!

So when I heard that these lucky ladies were getting some new Frigidaire goodies, I knew they'd love them. But you know what? I am still jealous. Why? Because I have been drooling over their Affinity line of washer/dryers. See, even though I got new KITCHEN appliances, hubby said no to new laundry appliances. So we have what the previous owners left us. With the amount of laundry I do in a week, I NEED something that can keep up AND be Energy Star approved. The ones I have now are probably 15-20 years old and I doubt they are energy efficient. Hubby just laughs at me when I walk by the appliances section and gaze in the direction of the Frigidaire washers and dryers. Whenever we head to our local Sears with my hubby or my mom they lead me over to look at the washers and dryers. But I know they are just teasing me. Yes, its torture-I will admit it. And even more so now that I have learned that they are rolling out a whole new line of time saving appliances, so that moms like us have more time for our families and ourselves-they figure we can save about 8 hours a month by using these new appliances. And to me, 8hours is more time to read that book I've been wanting to check out, take that long bubble bath, or watch that TV show I never have time for.

Hmmm, I wonder if they have a loyal customer rewards program... Frigidaire, are you out there??? Well, I guess I will have to stick with playing the lottery and hoping that I win... or entering their sweepstakes and seeing if I can win the washer and dryer of my dreams... They have just started a sweepstakes here: where you can go to win lots of wonderful prizes. And Frigidaire if you ever need to part with one of those lovely red Affinity washer/dryer sets, and need a willing test subject-I'm here!


Leslie M. said...

hahahhah.. I just wet my Pants!! If anyone can get a NEW new appliances out of Frigidaire it is YOU!!!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I feel for ya hun. I need a new washer and dryer SO bad. My mom actually gave us her old stuff, then the washer broke. Now I have to use the guy upstairs' washer :(
Good thing he's nice huh ;)

Dede said...

That's great! lol...I hope you win yourself a Frigidaire laundry set! If enough people send good vibes and well wishes your way, well, the power of positive thinking is sure to take hold!:-)