Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review: Loreal Advanced Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair

Ahhh, the joys of growing old. Gray hairs, sagging body parts... and wrinkles. If I had known all those years I spent smiling as a teen and 20 something would come back and haunt me with fine lines, and then noticeable creases-I would have kept a straight face, lol.

And not to mention the sun damage-I have spots of my face that I KNOW are going to need follow up. My dad had skin cancer, and those laser treatments are not pretty. But since I have a fair complexion and am considered to be in one of the risk categories I need to be extra vigilant. I used to envy the gorgeous teen girls that would have a golden glow about them, while I looked like a Maine lobster after 30 minutes in a pan of boiling water. Now, I don't envy them. Who wants to have skin with the look and feel of aged leather? And yet, they keep on tanning-unaware or unwilling to part with their "healthy" tans. Even though, now that they are my own age-the fine lines have turned to deep set wrinkles.

Heck, I want to stay well preserved. Not that I will qualify for wolf whistles from construction workers as I walk down the street, but I want to at least SLOW the effects of time on my skin. And that is where BzzAgent comes in. See, as a BzzAgent I sometimes get to try some really cool things and give my opinions. When BzzAgent decided to send me the new Loreal Advanced Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair to try out for a few weeks I was elated. First, I knew Loreal was a name that I grew up with, and was comfortable using. There are SO many beauty products out there now with names I have never heard of-and while I will try anything once, I knew Loreal from past usage of their products.

In my quest to stay well preserved, while I would love to have unlimited funds to buy any beauty products that provide me with an unlimited "fountain of youth", I realize that I can't afford some of the pricier stuff out there. And like most women, I have a beauty budget. Sure, it allows for splurges now and then. But I want a product that will be something that I can use everyday-and not take up all of my paycheck. These Loreal SPF 15 (yay for suncare protection too!) day lotion and night creme go for about $20 each-well within my budget for everyday usage.

The Advanced Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair works with the help of Pro-Retinol A(which delivers Vitamin A to skin cells, helping to smooth and soften skin while boosting collagen production, making skin increase its elasticity.) and Fiber Restoring complex, which is a combination of ingredients that have been shown to help protect and repair your skin.

I have been using the products now for about four weeks, so I am at the halfway point-as they say after 8 weeks deep-set wrinkles will be visibly minimized and the skin will actually look younger. Let me begin by saying I don't have deep wrinkles-yet. What I have more are fine lines, like crow's feet and laugh lines, and of course the forehead frown and pursed puckered lip look from all those years of scolding hubby and the kids. One big benefit for me is the SPF 15, since I believe that skin care should also have some kind of UV protection as well. I haven't been using the night creme EVERY night, but I do use the day lotion daily. I do see a noticeable difference in the fact that my skin FEELS softer and firmer than before. However, my fine lines remain visible. I am going to use the product for the full 8 weeks as suggested, to see if my crow's feet and laugh lines diminish somewhat over time.

Irregardless, the SPF benefit is a plus and the feeling that my skin is firmer, and feeling more toned than it has been in awhile are definite positives when using this product. Thank you BzzAgent and Loreal for giving me the opportunity to try this product!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhhh I've seen this several times and would love it! TY for sharing I may have to finally go pick some up ;)

Anonymous said...

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