Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conquering a New Foreign Language-HTML

Ahh, the frustration! Last night, well I should say THIS morning-I was desperately trying to turn my blog from two columns to three.

I did find a nice, purty Spring background-and put that on. (heck, cut and paste it was easy!) But after searching google, looking at HTML coding until I was cross-eyed and not so silently swearing, I gave up. Now don't get me wrong. There ARE instructions on there. Just not ones I can follow. I'd get all excited as I started following them...and then would look and say, "Hey! Mine doesn't look EXACTLY like that type of coding!" It was similar, but still different in some ways. I woke hubby up while not so silently swearing at the computer. He was not pleased.

So I gave up. At least for the night. And watched another zombie movie. Story of my life, those darn zombie movies I'll tell ya. And then I watched another horror on HBO. Since hubby was so rudely awakened by my screaming he watched them both with me. Misery loves company, it sure does. If I wasn't going to get to sleep, he wasn't either. Blame it on hormones. Blame it on Aunt Flo who paid me a visit yesterday. Blame it on that %&$%@*#! HTML that I just can't seem to conquer-YET.

I am giving my brain a break today. Besides, I need more Excedrin Tension Headache pills. I think I went thru the whole bottle last night. It's sunny outside, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and I am enjoying the day. Never mind that I already heard the birds chirping as they woke up themselves this morning. Sometime later this week or next I will be prepared. Plenty of diet soda and chocolate on hand. And hubby will be awake. (if he isn't-he WILL be before I begin) And I will begin to tackle and decipher this HTML coding and make my blog 3 columns. Or royally screw it up, lol.

So if you happen to stop by late night EST or even early AM and see my blog acting a little wonky, you'll know what I'm attempting to do. If you live close by, I can GUARANTEE you will hear what I am trying to do. Have patience with me, Rome wasn't built in a day. And my blog probably won't be either-but good things come to all those who wait. :) Have a great day everyone!

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Ms. Latina said...

Hilarious! Wish you luck! I had to break down and pay someone LOL