Friday, May 1, 2009

New mode of transportation

Nope, not me! These shiny new crutches belong to hubby. Who will be using them until he feels better, since he has tendinitis in his Achilles tendon...

Now the man has a high threshold for pain-so when he comes into the house limping and whimpering this morning, I know something is up. For the past two days he has gone to work (such a trooper!) even though his heel area has hurt him alot. He does a lot of walking in his floor cleaning job, and about 3 nights ago noticed a sudden onset of pain and started limping towards the end of the night. Never one to complain, he mentioned it to a couple of coworkers and came home and rested. Then continued to work, but last night was the worst-he couldn't even finish his job and luckily for him, his two coworkers were able to do most of the stuff while he sat down for prolonged periods. When he asked to see the doctor or go to the hospital today, I had a feeling it was pretty bad.

Now with all this swine flu stuff, I was not ready to go to hospital-because if there is any way a germ can seek someone out, it would find me. I called his doctor, but they had no appointments today-and being Friday, suggested he try the ER. So we head to the ER and as I walk in there are signs and posters about the swine flu. I notice several masked patients sitting in the waiting area and the sound of coughing, sneezing and hacking are enough to want to make me turn and bolt for the door. Hubby was placed into a wheelchair and I got to drive him around, which was fun. He kept telling me to be careful as I got perilously close to doors, walls and chairs-and I know I was making him nervous with my less than perfect driving skills.

They don't think it is a rupture of the tendon...which is a good thing. But nevertheless, tendinitis is painful and takes a while to heal. He is home and I am here waiting on him hand and foot. Nothing worse than a sick or incapacitated male, let me tell ya. He wants to go to work tonight, but can't put any weight at all on his foot... and he is frustrated and cranky. Lucky for me, Sleeping Beauty decided to take a nap so I could get online and blog. Sorry for the dark picture above, apparently the lens or something was dirty and made the door look dirty and the bottom of the picture dark, even with a flash. Wish me luck folks, as I care for a cranky male who would rather be at work (he really likes his job) than be sitting home doing nothing.


areyoukiddingme said...

Ouch! I hope they gave him something for it - although when I had tendonitis, they just told me to ice it and take ibuprofen. I hope he's better soon.

lmarroquin_68 said... me i do know how much that hurts.mine acts up so bad at times i cry.but like him want to go to work because we need to.and the job he has doesnt call for sit down labor thats for least in my job i can rest somewhat....where are my avon books??