Monday, May 25, 2009

Does It Measure Up?

I had to laugh when I saw this bathroom urinal photo of the Sofitel Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. I can tell ya my hubby would go in, and probably be very self conscious of his surroundings and LEAVE before he did what he had to do. Hell, it would probably leave his macho image scarred for life-lol!

Seeing this, I started thinking about a song I heard years ago in Canada at the discos. This song wasn't ever played in Maine that I know of but if you look it up on You Tube you can find it- Short D*** Man but Gillette. *if you are offended by the f-bomb or frequent mentioning of the male anatomy, DON'T look it up! We used to have a great time out on the floor dancing as a bunch of drunken girls laughing at the lyrics while the guys just glared at us having so much fun poking insults at their anatomy.

Nevertheless, I have seen lots of cool art projects done in bathrooms, on sidewalks etc... but in the emails my friends have sent me most-if not all-of this was art done in foreign countries. I wish some of our artists would be that creative! Basically all I see here in Maine are the occasional tagging marks done on the side of railroad cars as they pass by in front of me while I'm stopped at a railroad crossing. You know, the big bubble letter types? Now some of them are pretty good, don't get me wrong-and I've also seen a few of the colorful murals that have been done in larger cities in the US too-usually on the sides of a building somewhere. But I think the quirky, unusual artistic expressions like the one above are pretty cool too. Maybe as Americans, we just aren't ready for it yet?

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kasandria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This pic was TOO funny! lol