Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Bit of A Migraine Today...

Thus no overly eloquent meaningful post and not being online much. Just not in the mood to do much of anything except for moaning, groaning and bitching at my husband to turn the light out, get me my cold cloth for my head and lower the volume on the TV. Took my last prescription med for it today as well.

Ever get a migraine? A sharp, shooting pain that makes you want to keel over and drop right there? Well, that was today for me. The stabbing pain in the right eye, the aura, and the nausea-all of the elements present to create spontaneous combustion in my head. No going to the post office today to mail out my giveaway prizes, I had a hard enough time going to the hospital to pick up my son and his girlfriend after she had false labor pains.

Actually, I almost threw myself on a gurney and told them to put me in a dark room with NO visitors. And to give me an IV. (yes, I have had to have that done before!) But considering I was in the maternity ward, that might seem to be an odd request from a 43 year old obsese woman who looks preggers but who got fixed over 7 years ago. I was SO messed up I actually posted on Twitter that I had gone to the hospital and that HUBBY's girlfriend was in false labor. Can you imagine that? Of course, I quickly changed it to SON's girlfriend-and deleted the other comment as soon as I could. Jose would KILL me if he knew I wrote just don't tell him if you see him. (yes, there are some people that read my blog that know hubby-and I am sure it'd be the talk of the party!)

I am heading to the Providence, RI area early Saturday morning for a visit with my sister in law and her family. I am also gonna eat some Chiles rellenos and Tamales and empanadas... and check out whatever festivals there are going on. Because knowing the Central Falls area, something is bound to be happening. And I want to be in on it. Hoping to find a Portugese feast. Nothing like a bunch of drunken Portugese people singing, dancing and selling Frango chicken. Have you ever eaten Frango chicken? Man, is it good! I dunno if it is even called that-I asked the vendor years ago, when I lived there. He was drunk and slurring his words, and he said Frango Chicken-and so that is what I call that wonderful marinated chicken. Or I could head to a Mexican or Puerto Rican festival-I've had lots of fun at those too. Lotsa food, booze and dancing-those seem to be the three things these festivals revolve around. Those are the things I miss living here in Maine-usually every weekend there was some type of a festival happening down there. I could buy some ethnic food, do a little dancing, watch the people get drunk, have a few myself, and leave before the police arrived to break it up. (yes, there is always a drunk or two who becomes the festival idiot)

Ok people, I am off to bed. I wanted to stay up later but it's time for me to hit the sack. Peace.


Leslie M. said...

OMG.. Michele.. You really are hysterical, even through a Migraine.
Migraines.. Yeah.. I know 'em well!
I take Topamax 100 mg in the am and pm as a prevention against those awful migraines which have plagued me all my life. I have spent many a night in the ER hooked up to IVs too. AGONY and my aura is lightening Bolts or Dots! UGHHh I also have Maxalt 10mg tabs IN My Purse at all times!!
I hope you have GREAT weekend!!!

The Backporch Artessa said...

I had migranes all my life until I went for acupunture! I had tried ALL the meds- including the self injections that make your injection site swell to the size of a softball- I went to a medical doctor who was trained in acupuncture also. I mean when I went the first time, I was in the midst of a migrane that had not let go for 17 days! I was vomiting etc, and within 20 minutes of the first needle it was gone, and an hour later the migrane was gone! (It looks way more gruesome than it is- you barely feel it) ((Just something you might want to explore))

Good luck- I hope you feel better soon- (I love your brown & pink color scheme!

armouris said...

info on migraine here - Migraine - Half the Head

Lilly said...

Never had a migraine and after read this post I never want to. Oh you poor thing, truly! I hope they can get something that relieves the pain because hell your poor husband is going to find out about all the Twittering. Take Care and hope you get to find your Feast this weekend too. Take some pics.