Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holy Hannah! I just got Torpedoed!

And I don't even have a photo of it! But that's because I ate it! Yesterday hubby and I ventured out to Quiznos to try their new Toasty Torpedo sandwich. We had a coupon for a free one after purchasing a combo meal, so the total was only about 7 bucks for 2 13 inch sandwiches, a soda and a bag of chips. Not a bad deal in my book.

Hubby decided to go with the Turkey Club, and I was definitely trying the Italian one. We really are not Quiznos fans, because a few years ago we got a sandwich that was just plain nasty-and we hadn't been back until we'd seen the coupons for the Toasty Torpedo sandwiches.

It was funny, because here I was thinking these sandwiches were cold-and when I got them hubby handed them to me and says- "Hey, these are warm!" He was pretty happy about that, so was I to be honest. Ya know, I should have figured it out since it is called a TOASTY Torpedo. But here in Maine, traditional Italian sandwiches are cold, so I just wasn't thinking.

Hubby took a look at his sandwich and seemed a little disappointed because it was not as wide as the subs he is used to. But the chewy Ciabatta bread they put it on is actually quite filling so after he finished eating it he declared he was full. Which is a good thing, because I certainly don't want an unhappy hubby! And for $4 for a sandwich, you just can't go wrong price-wise. Though a combo might set you back a little closer to $6 or so with the chips and drink. My Italian Torpedo was yummy too, the only thing I noticed on both sandwiches were that the person who made them went a little overboard with the Red Wine Vinaigrette and next time I will tell them to put a little less of that on, since it made the bread on bottom soggy and break apart, spilling the contents of my Italian onto the paper a few times.

Please note: while you think you may be eating healthy, think again. Be sure to check out the labels to see how many grams of fat and calories you are getting. Sometimes I think by eating a sandwich, I am eating healthy-but after seeing another blog post about how many calories these sandwiches have, I know I will continue to eat them, but in moderation. If you like sandwiches, you will definitely want to try out a Torpedo. They come in Italian, Turkey Club, Pesto Turkey, Big Kahuna Tuna and Beef Bacon & Cheddar. I am sure you will find one that you will enjoy! Happy eating!


Leslie said...

I love Their Veggie Subs, no Cheese Vinegar, mustard, TONS of VEGGIES and LOADS Of LETTUCE. They get ticked at me because I have then PILE ON THE LETTUCE and then I smile sweetly and say, "But I have no cheese... and "I'm a vegetarian!"! hahahha

~Billie~ said...

I'm not a big Quiznos fan either. In fact, my experience is pretty much like yours - had a plain nasty sandwich and never went back.