Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Avon Spotlight Winner!

Better late than never, right? So congrats go out to #29 which is Jinxy & Me! I so love that avatar, that is one gorgeous feline! But I am a cat person anyways, with four of them around the house you have to love them...

Now if only I can keep my digital camera USB cable from disappearing, I can post more photos. Today I found it behind my desk...luckily I had taken the photo yesterday when I drew the winner on Random.org. I am pretty sure the guilty culprit is a cat--this morning I caught Stubby up on my computer desk knocking things around. He seems to be fascinated by shiny things and wires-so it looks like he will have to be monitored closely...lol.

And because I am in a super good mood today, with the sun shining and all I am going to do another giveaway! I will post it in a bit, but I can tell ya it's jewelry this time!

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Leslie said...

Congrats Jinxy!!!