Friday, April 17, 2009

Somebody missed a curve...

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo-but as we were on our way to Augusta (about 20 min away) for an appointment this morning I noticed a car off the road. Now, not just OFF the road-WAY off the road, like down in a ditch almost so far no one could see it from the road.

I told hubby, who was driving-and he was curious as well. So we turned the car around and headed back, and sure enough, down in the ditch was a black Chevrolet car, like a Lumina or something like that. After dropping a can of condensed milk on my foot last night, I was still hobbling around and there was no way I was making it down over that embankment. Hubby did, however and made sure there was no one in the vehicle. Our concern was that someone was thrown from the vehicle, but both airbags had deployed and the drivers side door was wide open.

Apparently the driver had fallen asleep, was inexperienced, or drunk or something and missed the curve, going airborne, slightly clipping the side of a telephone pole, before ending up down in the ditch. There were a few small broken trees, and hubby said the front windshield was completely smashed out. It could have been a stolen car as well, so hubby did well not to touch anything when he didn't see anyone around.

We are not sure when it happened, but usually when something happens like this the police show up right off and the car is removed. I thought it strange that no one was around at 9:30 am, and even though there were houses around, it is a somewhat rural area on the edge of town. As we headed to Augusta for our appt. I called 911 and got the local State Police, who put me through to the Waterville police. Apparently dispatch was not aware of this vehicle and she said she'd send someone over to check it out. I told her I couldn't stay and she said it was fine, and took my name and cell number in case they needed to reach me.

On our way back, about an hour and a half later we noticed the car was no longer there. Surely, someone had to have been hurt because the car did go airborne and hit a small tree. Who knows? I am hoping it will make the news tomorrow though, as I would like to know what happened. It's probably still under investigation, my guess is that the police didn't even know anything about the car until I called since it was almost mid morning and the dispatcher seemed truly surprised when I called to report it.

Never a dull moment... and how was YOUR Friday?

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Leslie said...

your life is an adventure!!! Sure you don't wanna be a Private Eye?? hahahh