Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Fun in the Kitchen

Awhile back I had ordered some Pampered Chef goodies from a girl who works with me. I was amazed at the tons of stuff they had, but knowing layoff was just around the corner, I decided to get some gadgets that would make life in the kitchen much easier.

First, I got the can strainer. I'd had ones I had gotten from the dollar stores, but this one is made so much better! It is a nice hard plastic, and the holes are just the right size to drain the juice or water from your canned fruits and veggies. The ones at the dollar stores tend to be a very lightweight plastic, and hole size can vary-either too small or too big has usually been the case for me.
Next, I got hubby the avocado peeler. He is a big avocado eater, and this is a very well made and durable peeler.
I wanted to get adventurous, and decided on the Cut N Seal. I figured I could make sandwiches for the kiddos sans crust, pastries or even venture into homemade pupusa type sandwiches. Pupusas are basically masa formed into tortillas with something in the middle-cheese, bacon, a combination of both-and they are yummy. There usually is a red salsa and cabbage topping as well... We usually have to travel about 80 miles or so each way to hit up the favorite Salvadoran restaurant called Tu Casa in Portland for them, so I am willing to try to make my own! Granted, the Cut N Seal is quite a bit smaller than pupusas usually are, but I am thinking of making the mini type as appetizers.
Finally, I decided on Mix N Chop, a handy tool when you are cooking taco meat and need to chop up the hamburger but also have to mix the seasonings and other ingredients you are cooking with it. This will get lots of use in my house for sure, since we love Tacos!

Finally, I got a huge package in the mail today and was pleased to see that it was a blog win from Whole Foods! SXSW Austin 360 had a really cool party for food bloggers back in March, and one of the sponsors, Whole Foods decided to give away one of their swag bags on their blog! When we lived close to Providence, I loved going to Whole Foods. The store was clean, well lit and I was able to educate myself about health and proper nutrition by checking out their many informational folders, trying out new recipes, and talking to store personnel. The closest store to me is in Portland, about 70-80 miles away, and I get down there once every couple of months. Getting this package in the mail will definitely tide me over until I get to Providence on May 16th, lol! I usually have to head south to get the ethnic ingredients I want, or specialty foods that I need to cook hubby his fave Guatemalan dishes. With 2 freezers in the basement I stock up on Carne para Asar (meat to BBQ)and many other specialty cuts that we don't have around here, because we don't have the large Hispanic community like other places.

Back to the package-there was of course some info and pamphlets to read about the event, a nice Tee which hubby claimed immediately, a reuseable bag and wine cooler bag, a travel size and regular size lotion, sea salt pita chips, CHOCOLATE (need I say more?), a lemonade tea, caramels, and OMIGOD the most delicious pralines I have ever tasted! I can confess between hubby and I half the can is already gone. I had to seriously control myself with these, and I am getting visions of french vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and these pralines on top of my homemade sundae! I want to send Winnie at Whole Foods Market a big thank you for such an awesome package! I am going to try everything, and I will have my grocery list ready when I go shopping next month at Whole Foods in RI. For those that have a Whole Foods Market near you, you are lucky. I am a bargain shopper, and by saving money on some things with coupons, refunds and rebates I am able to splurge and get some great stuff at Whole Foods while staying pretty much in the same budget, so it all works out well for us. Go check out the website http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/ or the blog http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/ there are some great recipes and many interesting articles-I know I have learned a lot from their sites, and I can tell that helping consumers stay healthy, providing good nutrition and protecting our environment are all top priorities at Whole Foods Market. Thanks Whole Foods for such a great package and for showing us that you care!

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Leslie said...

OMG, You are Blessed!!! Wonderful!! Enjoy your Bounty and that is Wonderful!!!
Good for you!!!!
We have a Whole Foods not too far from us! Really Nice Store!!
I never owned Any Pampered Chef!! Enjoy that also!!!
Let me know how you LOVE IT!!!