Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best Friends

Brujita was two when Deja was born. Lately, Brujita hasn't been happy with me since I took in my dad's cat. (although I think she is happier now that he is neutered, lol) Brujita had resigned herself to the laundry room, finding a dirty towel or blanket and curling up for a nice nap. Before, she was a bedroom cat-and definitely the alpha female of the house.

Brujita is still pissed at me, but yesterday she managed to come into the bedroom and amazingly jump up on the bed. She was very affectionate with Deja-rubbing faces, and having to touch her with a paw for the longest time before lying down next to her and looking at her lovingly before falling asleep on the bed. At one point, Deja was sitting down and Brujita laid her head to rest on Deja's leg, like a pillow. Awww... anyways, Deja was watching TV and I was sitting at the computer and snapped this pic of them-and thought I would post it today. I need happy, warm and fuzzy stuff since life lately has been difficult. Yes, my grandmother is still in CCU, and she is dying. It could be at any moment-we just don't know. I just needed to take a break from hospital visits and remember her the way she WAS. And of course, pray for her suffering to end and for her to move on.

So here is the pic for the day-Deja and Brujita, best buddies, relaxing on mom's bed!


~Billie~ said...

((HUGS)) Sorry to hear about your Grandama.
Love the picture! Very cute!

Leslie said...

I'm taking a break too! Hubby is taking a nap, 25th Anniversary Celebrations are TIRING!!!!
Your picture is adorable! You know I want a doggie!!!
I am praying for your Gramma and Mom and your whole family. So hard. There really are no words. Suffice to say, I walked in your shoes and It is such a painful situation.. I really suffered letting go of my mom!
You are in my prayers and in my Heart!!

Leslie said...

Just checking in... hoping things are ok. wanting you to know you are in my prayers!!! I know it is not easy for you all right now.. but you have been heavy on my hear this morning!!!

Jacky said...

Aw, aren't they cute?! =) Just wanted to stop in and say hi and happy Easter! =)