Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is with SciFi Channel Ads nowadays?!!

Ok, this is a slight vent here. First, I want to say I LOVE the SciFi channel. The programming is right up my alley, and I love their original movies.

However, lately I have heard more and more ads for Extenze, Enzyte and OnlineBootyCall.com during daytime hours as well as early evening when my daughter is still watching. Now I am no prude, and if they want to advertise these products later in the evening and into the early mornings when adults are watching, that is fine. I realize they have to have paid advertisers in order to continue their programming that I so enjoy.

But how the heck do you explain what "natural male enhancement" is to a 7 year old? And when she asks about "Smilin' Bob" in the Enzyte commercials and why is he so happy what the heck do I say? First it was just Bob, now it is the other couple who go on about how he can perform better, has increased size and how it just "might be fun" with the happy wife agreeing profusely. Um, what do I tell Deja is getting bigger? Obviously seeing the smiling happy wife she has figured out that it isn't the size of his nose (a la Pinocchio) although the wife would probably be happy with that as well, for other obvious reasons, lol. I just about choked on my pizza this past weekend when she asked if I was going to get a happy pill for daddy. She seems to figure that if he's grumpy he can take one of these pills and become a "Smilin' Bob". (and that would make mommy happy too-just like the commercial)

Now, we have OnlineBootyCall where the poor sap who is on an eHarmony date has a somewhat prudish woman asking about his core values while genuinely trying to get to know him, and another dude in the same bar who has some skanky looking woman all over him. Guess who keeps the guy? What is that telling my daughter anyways? That if she would just skip the talk, make out, she gets the guy instead of attempting to really try to get to know someone? I am not prudish, nor as open as some-but I respect their values and let them live their own lives the way they want to. I have had friends who are virgins or abstinent and others that sleep with multiple partners daily. I myself am not an angel by any means-as many of my close friends can vouch for- but kids form opinions early, and TV DOES influence them. What I really want to know is: If the SciFi channel can edit the swear words in movies for showing on TV, why can't they keep their adult ads on during adult times when kids are not likely to be watching?


Lapa37 said...

I totally agree with you I have noticed these commercials a bit more lately.

lmarroquin_68 said...

i agree with you.lil rafael asked a question the other day about a movie that he has watched with his sister.and i was so so embarrassed.but when these shows are on early like 7 to 8.common dont the producers now lil kids may watch them...