Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks Billie @ A Peaceful Serenity Blog!

Today I received a gorgeous apron-you can see a photo of it on Billie's blog I don't sew and I had been wanting an apron for the longest time. When I found out I won one, and I could choose from either of her lovely designs I was happy to pick the pink/blue one since those are my favorite colors.

The blue is so pretty, the material sparkles a bit and really looks great. Her design is so cute and the apron is very well made, I was in apron heaven! But...
as hubby and I looked at this gorgeous apron we both knew I wasn't going to keep it.

Now, it wasn't planned that way. I had planned to keep it and hang it in my blue kitchen, where it would fit in just perfectly. After seeing my mother in law's most recent photo of her in the kitchen in Guatemala, and looking at the apron she used-I know I had to send it to her. The apron she had was stained, dreary looking and the fabric was thin-so thin it had torn in several places and had been mended more than once. Jose explained that an apron such as I had won was a luxury item there, and way, way out of their price range. Most native Guatemalans can't even afford the gorgeous fabrics made by the Indian weavers because the costs are so high due to tourists and such. He told me that when he had to buy the ropa tipica (Indigenous Clothing) for his children for a holiday it cost him almost a month's wages-and that was years ago when they were 4 and 2! (now 18 & 16)

I feel good about giving this gorgeous apron to her-I know she will treasure it and love it as much as I would. And be the envy of her friends and family as well, as she cooks on holidays and special occasions and serves everyone wearing her new apron. I just want to give a shout out and a big thanks to Billie, for choosing me as a winner and giving me the opportunity to give my mother in law something very special this Mother's Day. Thank you!!

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~Billie~ said...

That is so touching!! I'm so glad you won. It sounds like that apron is going to be put to good use and given to someone who will really appreciate it. =)