Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where is the Wisdom in Wisdom Teeth?

Tomorrow my teenager goes in for dental surgery. He is having all four wisdom teeth removed and most likely he will be one miserable child tomorrow.

We went in last week to the oral surgeon's office and watched the video. My teen son, always so brave about stuff cringed in his seat as they mentioned possible side effects. Lucky for him, his xray showed an easy removal-or so they say.

My wisdom teeth never showed up. Ever. At 42, who knows if they will ever make an appearance? My coworker, on the other hand, had her teeth show up in her mid to late 30's and she's my age now suffering with them still.

At my age, I have no desire to go to an oral surgeon for removal of anything. I get sweaty palms just from a dental cleaning, thank you. I have no desire to resemble Sandy Cheeks as she prepares for hibernation in Bikini Bottom-my cheeks are well rounded enough as it is and the only visible stockpiling I am doing right now is on the shelves in the basement.

I wish him luck tomorrow, I will be at work while his dad takes him to get the procedure done. I just don't get it-wisdom teeth? Where the heck did that come from? Considering so many people end up in pain and needing these things out, whoever came up with the name wasn't very wise to begin with. Then again, maybe they were-it's "only" $1500 plus the cost of anaesthesia to do the extractions so someone was definitely thinking in that respect.

Wish me luck-tomorrow I will have to deal with a cranky, sore as hell teenager who will want to rip my head off (or at least a few of my teeth out). Until then, remember to brush and floss daily. It may not help with your wisdom teeth, but your teeth will sure look pretty!


Leslie said...

The poor kid. First of all I do NOT want to second guess God, but I wish I could have had my baby teeth fall out when I was 40 and get my adult set then! That would have been great!!! Wisdom teeth?? uhmmm I don't know.. you get them as a teenager and how many teens are all that wise.. I wasn't! hahahah

Hope your Bebe is doing ok!

YEVETTE said...

OH yea he will do just fine:) I am 24 and had all four pulled just last year.
lunchbox winner:)