Friday, March 13, 2009

Pacifier needed?

After my dad died last month, I got back the kitten (he's about 9 months old now)that he was babysitting for me back in August when I went to Texas. I know, it seems like he babysat him a long time, but fact is that his cat Candy fell in love with my little kitten and he couldn't bear to separate them. Even though my dad was ill, he got lots of enjoyment from his cats and his dog and he loved their companionship.

Dad called the cat Tippy because he couldn't remember the name Stubby that I'd given him. I already have a Tippy here, so needless to say, his name has been changed again to Stubby. This cat slept with my dad every night and when my dad told my mom that this cat sucked his paw and fell asleep like a baby sucking its thumb no one believed him.

Till we got him. The first few days he came home he was skittish and hiding alot, but as he got used to us he began to curl up in the bed with me. We noticed that he seemed to be biting on his back paw but Jose checked things out and there was nothing. It seemed every time he came on the bed and were giving him attention he'd get relaxed and curl up into a ball, putting his BACK paw in his mouth and sucking loudly. Yup, sucking loud enough to keep me awake at night. I'd never seen anything like this before so ended up looking on YouTube and found a few videos of cats sucking their front paws like babies while relaxing, but none sucking their rear paws. (he uses the front paws for kneading the bed, me, or whatever is close by) So here are a couple pics of my paw sucking cat-for your enjoyment! What crazy things do your pets do?


Leslie said...

That is so darling!! I am sitting here talking baby talk to my screen! I need therapy! I made Hubby come and look at this and even he started to laugh and smile!!!

All I have is Nelson my fish (my kitty died 2 years ago, she was 17.)

Maybe I can teach Nelson to suck a fin and keep me awake at night! How cute would that be??

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness that is just too cute :)
I have a goldfish and a puppy named Rudy, can't have cats, cause I am allergic. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Lapa37 said...

That is so cute I wish I could see and hear it. I had a cat named Stubby when I was younger.He only had half a tail hence the name Stubby.