Saturday, March 28, 2009

Country Bob Winners!

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Timestamp: 2009-03-28 10:57:47 UTC

woohoo! Someone's getting some All Purpose Sauce! I've been non-existent this week as my PC got some sort of virus where I'd type in MSN or my blog address, it pops up for a second and then it forwarded it to a google page where it says the link was broken? So I have been running scans and doing all sorts of stuff to flush it out of my system!

I will be posting more giveaways soon, this darn virus and my limited time to work on it was a big deterrent this week in getting things done. But now, I am laid off so.... (though I DID apply for another FT job within my company, so maybe, maybe not laid off for too long!)

Without further ado, the winners are: Hondaray6 and Exotic1 aka the two Rhondas who visit my blog frequently! This is too funny, both winners having the same first name but it goes to show that you can win and with extra entries your odds are even better! Congrats ladies, I am on my way to email you both in a few. And I will be posting a photo of my next two giveaway items later today. Gotta get ready for the annual Credit Union meeting (they give away prizes too!!!) at 9 am today!

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