Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check out the new waterbed!

Being an 80's girl, I had to get a waterbed. The old school kind (motionless was the only upgrade-I had a full motion one when I was in my early 20's and boy, did I get seasick on that thing!)

But waterbeds are not easy to find nowadays, so I was pretty happy to find one that was a floor model-at a very discounted price-there are a few scratches on the end of it, but that can be remedied with wood filler, etc... besides, when I had gotten my first waterbed years ago and it was brand new, that was the part that got scratched the first anyways.

Hubby had been complaining quite awhile about spending $500+ for mattresses that last a couple of years and then start poking into you. He just could never feel rested, and often ended up tossing and turning. He'd heard of waterbeds and actually had a friend in Rhode Island that had a full motion one, but never had seen a motionless one or one with cylinders inside that looked like a mattress on the outside.

So I took him up to the store that had these type of mattresses and he fell in love with them. We checked out a couple of platform bed models before I saw the old school 80's style display. I loved the fact that it was king sized, had the full box foundation with a nice little bookcase headboard and had 6 nice drawers underneath for storage. It reminded me of years ago, when everyone I knew seemed to have a waterbed.

So here it is, hubby is pretending to sleep btw-and Deja was so relaxed she actually FELL asleep while watching TV with us. Hubby is happy now, his room is pretty much his kingdom (notice the mini fridge equipped with Heineken nearby?) and after loudly complaining that he could no longer see the tv from the bed, he did his part to stimulate the economy by ordering a new tv for the wall complete with mounting arm so he can position it just the way he likes.

Just what I need-a one stop entertainment center. Next will come the video games (yes, he will be hooking up the xbox 360 I won last summer) and if the man could fit a pool table in there, he would. Heck, he is already talking foosball table. I might just as well charge admission. Pleasure Palace takes on a whole new concept here-I can see a bunch of men sitting in my bedroom, beers in hand, shouting "GOOOAAALLL!" as they wait for me to pass them the nachos.

Wish me luck, playoff season is coming up soon. :)

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Leslie said...

No you do NOT have a mini fridge next to that fabulous water bed?
NO you do NOT!!

Good Lord, If I showed this to my Hubby I would never hear the end of it!! Your bedroom is paradise!!!

I have never had a water bed, My twin sister did, and she loved it!

I do NOT sleep well, but I betcha I would on a WaTeR bEd!!!

You deserve it!!! Enjoy!!!