Friday, March 20, 2009


Had this old pic in my files from a mystery shop I did long ago. And it made me hungry. Since tonight is usually Pizza night and I did not eat pizza, I am now craving it.

Instead I went to the local seafood restaurant and had a Maine Native Shimp basket. Those are the ONLY shimp I will eat, as far as fried shrimp go. I remember once, on my way to Florida I stopped at a Shoney's in NC for the seafood buffet. Not sure if they still have it but this was years ago-and it all was good-except for the shrimp. Even when I lived in RI for 7 years, never ordered the shrimp. Native Shrimp are tinier and more tender than their counterparts when fried. The ones I had at Shoneys were tough and chewy. One bite was enough for me.

So even as my larger than it should be belly is full, I am still thinking pizza. I wonder if Papa John knows I am thinking of him? Bet he would be flattered, huh? I usually alternate pizza night weekly, getting a Philly Cheese Steak from Dominos, a Combination pizza hut thin crust w/jalapenos added, the Papa Johns pictured above, the local house of pizza house special and of course the anytime of day or night bacon breakfast pizza. Gotta keep things varied-that makes it fun.

One pet peeve I have is mandatory delivery fees costing $2 bucks and up. They were initiated due to high gas costs, but they kept it on even when gas went down. Apparently the house and the driver split the fee-and when you add in their regular tip on top of that it can get quite costly. So lately, I have been skipping the laziness and going to pick it up myself. Heck, I use coupons already to get the best deal I can so if I can save more by picking it up myself so be it.

Anyways, I have pizza on the brain as I head to bed for the night-- gotta get up early tomorrow-going to meet with a realtor as I am helping our Brazilian friends buy a house in a town about 45 minutes from here and we need to go look at houses they have picked out. I am helping to G'nite everyone!

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Leslie said...

I LOVE pizza, but at 1:15 am, I would have rocks in my head to say I am hungry! My stomach is rumbling though. Might be that Fiber One bar. They are tasty little Morsels, but they tend to tear me up!