Monday, March 16, 2009

Mystery rash-Diagnosed!

Deja wouldn't let me put her pic up today. She is pretty self conscious since she started getting a rash all over her face and body. It itches. And she is miserable.

It was strange, she was sick this past Friday with a headache and sore throat. I kept her home, thinking she just had a bug going around. This is the time of year where kids bring home lots of goodies to give to family members. Last year at this time I was so sick from a sinus infection I needed multiple meds as my Z pack refused to work.

I got a little concerned when she started to feel better throat wise and then the spots started. She has never had Chicken Pox, and that was my first thought. The ones on her face were kind of like little blisters and she had them inside her mouth too. But the rest of her body had a raised red rash, kind of like a sandpaper feeling and it looked like her whole body had the goosebumps. I had just never seen anything like it, and since she'd had the vaccine for Chicken Pox I thought this might be it, but in a reduced capacity.

They snuck her in the back entrance at the doctor's office today. Boy, didn't I feel important-like some sort of VIP who didn't even have to check in. Now if they only made When the doctor came in she was wondering what it was too, and she went to get her supervisor (these are residents in training, supervised by regular physicians) and by then I was thinking that there was something wrong. I tend to panic when my kids are sick-but I don't think I am the only one. :) I'd rather be safe than sorry, and besides, with a rash like that and no clearance from the doctor I don't think they would let her step foot in school.

The supervisor said it looked like strep throat-the rash that appears with strep sometimes. Now Deja has never had strep but Demetrio gets it at least twice a year---never with a rash. So yeah, I was thrown for a loop on this one. The swab was the least fun part of the appointment, but it was necessary. And it was positive. But she is out of school tomorrow and she has 10 days of the pink stuff. And a photo in mom's camera with her face full of little red spots. I can't imagine when she is a teen and gets a zit. She got worked up enough looking at the ones she has on her face now. So I am preparing myself for the worst-the teen years. They are coming, and so are the zits, PMS, and boys. It's bound to be a few fun years for sure!

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Leslie said...

Hey there. Did I tell you I was a pediatric/neonatal nurse??
(Scarlatina, Scarlet Fever)YUP! That is the name of what your little one has.

I hate when the kids are sick!

I hope she gets better quick!!!

I remember when Jess was a baby.. she was sicker than a dog! I didn't know what was wrong with her. I got her to the Dr.. and just a I got her there.. she broke out in the tell take rash of Roseola! Doc walks in and I said.. nevermind, I know what it is.. and he confirmed..