Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bowling! What fun!

At the end of February, Deja headed over to the local bowling alley for a birthday party. It was lots of fun (as you can tell by the pics) and she had a blast! Here she is modelilng her new glasses by the way-she has to wear them until she is 11 or so providing all goes well.

Have you ever seen Ficklets? They are these cute little eyeglasses accessories in lots of cool shapes and colors. Deja is currently wearing pink sparkly butterfly ones-and has gotten lots of compliments on her fashionista eyewear. I had won these on a blog giveaway some time back, and hope to buy her some more designs so she can have fun matching with her clothes. For me, they were a little hard to understand at first on how to put them on-but once daddy got them on for her (he has fingernails, I don't!) I understood how to do it. And they have only come off once during play, and Deja was able to put them right back on herself. So if a 7 year old can do it, anyone can! She has an eye appointment next week and I can't wait to see what her doctor says-everyone around here hasn't seen Ficklets before and I have been happily telling folks where to find them online.

She is pretty happy overall wearing her glasses, but there are some days I know it is a pain for her. As she gets older, and starts thinking about...boys-that is when I expect some sort of a struggle with getting her to wear them. If you or your children wear glasses, check out the cool eye candy here: I know you will find a pair that you love, and they are quite affordable too! Adults, check this out
they have some gorgeous designs for you too! So see, Ficklets aren't just for kids!

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