Saturday, November 29, 2008

What do Latin American poetry and Magic have in Common?

Most of you know by now that my husband is Central American... one of the things I really regret is not being able to keep up with the Arts-reading, (well, if you count Vanidades and People en Espanol reading!) writing and learning about Latino culture. Earlier today, I was entering a wonderful contest where you can share part of your prize package with others-thus bringing a little magic into someone's holidays this year. And wouldn't you know that I found a blog with poetry in Spanish (and translated too!) I was pretty excited because I can actually read something with substance, and since I love reading and writing poetry in English, seeing it in Spanish was a whole new thing for me. While there, and as part of my entry of course, I left her a post telling her a cute story of two women I know who ended up in Mexico-and the nonchalant answer given to one of the women by an older, wiser Mexican gentleman. You can see my comment here: while there, take a look at her blog-she has lots of interesting things, poetry, tech stuff, and even a pic of Pac Man cookies she made! Now THAT had me wanting to reach into the closet for the Atari 7800! But seriously, I think I will be making some of those cookies with Deja, she'd love it!

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