Saturday, November 1, 2008

Such a pretty princess!

Damsel Deja said thanks to all you wonderful bloggers that visited mommy's blog and entered to win some surprises! Yesterday was Halloween and the weather had been cold all week, but it was warmer and not breezy-perfect for all those little trick or treaters!
Deja loved dressing as a pretty princess, her new Halloween outfit, a blog win from They have so many nice outfits there, and not just for Halloween either, you can use them for creative play-dress up, what boy doesn't want to pretend he is an astronaut or a soldier, what girl doesn't pretend she is a princess, or a nurse? With these costumes, you can be who you want to be. And these are not the flimsy rip after one use costumes either, these are meant for lasting wear and play.
The have costumes for all sizes, from infants to adults. Deja loves her pink princess outfit, and had to stop by gram's house to show it off before we went trick or treating. While out trick or treating, she got so many compliments and oohs and ahhs from other little girls. Everyone just loved that dress, and several parents asked me where on earth I'd gotten it. I happily gave them the website address. Out amongst hundreds of trick or treaters, no one had a costume like Deja's-so that made her feel really special. We are so fortunate because we won two special costumes in this particular blog win, and I let Deja choose them both. Next year, she will be a nurse... Their customer service was great to work with and shipping came quickly, I was very impressed with everything and if I am looking for a costume that will last, that has great customer service and comes quickly I would definitely reorder again with Aeromax Toys. Thanks so much to Aeromax for making Deja's Halloween special and encouraging children's creativity and imaginative play by creating such neat costumes!

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