Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deja's Birthday Is Almost Here!

It is almost that time again! Yup, Deja's 7th birthday is coming up on December 7th!

This was a picture taken from last year-I had planned on having a big party at the local McD's or bowling alley, but with my dad being ill and the holidays creeping up on me far too quickly I had to change those plans.

Still not sure what I will do, perhaps take her to Build A Bear workshop and let her make another animal friend. As I am writing this, she is peeking over my shoulder reading this. Amazing how quickly she has started reading-I guess I have to be VERY careful about what I write if I want it to be a surprise! Little does she know she will have other surprises too, which I am not posting here because she will figure it out, lol.

My dad is waiting for the results of his biopsy on this past Friday-he's been kind of bummed and according to my mom, continuing to smoke-although he has cut back lots. He is pretty nervous about all of this, which is natural-but to continue on with those things after he already has lung cancer is just plain stupid. And I told him so. But I think he's a bit depressed, and feels it is hopeless-after all, people he knows are already telling him how so and so's wife had cancer and only lived 5-6 months etc... so hearing all this is getting him nerved up a bit.

yay, only ONE more day of work and then some time off! But know what? I am a glutton for punishment I think, because I probably will end up back at the office working OT over the weekend. Today, I had the liberty of having a clean desk-for about 10 minutes. Quite the accomplishment for me, I should say. But now I gotta go buy the turkey and everything last minute tomorrow night and all that will be left are honkin 20 lb turkeys that my family of four will NEVER finish! Well, heading off to read some more blogs-before I go to bed for the evening!

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Friendlyhands said...

Well happy early Birthday Deja!!
and Congrats to your Mommy who won the Boa giveaway!!! Seems like your ready for some Mommy time ♥
Please send me address:)
Gobble Gobble