Friday, November 7, 2008

SAVORing the Moment

Have you ever cracked open a coconut and smelled the pure coconut scent? My hubby, being from Guatemala, likes to go to the market (using down in RI or MA-not here!) and buy a few coconuts and drink the coconut milk. Once he is done that, he gets a hammer and cracks it open, exposing all that white coconut on the inside. The scent is not strong but pure, as in NATURAL. Like you are on a deserted island and just cracked open a coconut shell in that tropical paradise.
I was lucky enough to win a blog giveaway from and my prize was a creme fraiche soap in my choice of scent from Savor's wonderful Etsy shop. I knew it was going to be a hard choice, because Lisa has so many wonderful things in that shop that just choosing a scent of whipped soap was going to be difficult. Right now she has about 21 different scents of whipped soap over there and you can enjoy the tropical smell of pineapple buttercreme (pictured) caramel apple, or even marshmallow fudge for those die hard choco lovers out there.
My choice was coconut mochi and when she said it was a pure coconut scent, she was absolutely right. I use a bath pouf in the shower, and a little of this stuff goes a long way because the lather really lasts. Plus, it left my skin feeling silky and moisturized, BEFORE I put on any lotion. I am so used to using drying soaps that make my skin feel tight and dry after bathtime, so this really was a different experience for me. After my shower, for an hour or so there is a trace of the coconut smell on your skin-a fresh, clean scent that doesn't overwhelm you. Hubby wanted to try some, and I let him ONCE. He liked it too much and I am NOT sharing, he can buy his own! My daughter has been asking as well, so we will probably try it out the next time she has a shower (she is a bubble bath type of gal).

Lynde features different sites all the time on her blog, and has amazing giveaways where you can win lovely pampering items. If it wasn't for her blog, I might never have found Lisa at Savor and her amazing coconut mochi whipped soap. Her regular soaps are pretty neat too,
Sex Appeal sounds like the kind of soap you'd want to keep your honey close and My Boyfriend's T-Shirt, well, how many of us actually kept a T-shirt around that smelled just like their boyfriends when we were younger? In high school my boyfriend was a football player and I kept one of his football shirts he'd worn close or even wear it to sleep (it was huge, and I was skinny back then-end of story!) and nope, it didn't smell like sweaty football player but more like fresh washed linen with a hint of his cologne that he wore. Definitely check out Savor on Etsy, you just might find something you want! (and it is NEVER too early to drop Christmas hints!)


Laura said...

I LOVE blog giveaways... never managed to win anything so far though lol!

Friendlyhands said...

Just love coconut! My Dad would suprise us now and again with one, it was fun for the whole family.