Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update on my dad... other stuff!

Well, my dad DOES have lung cancer. He goes in tomorrow for some type of test where they take a biopsy and then he is doing more tests for his heart (I guess in case surgery is needed, etc...) and we will find out more as things go on.

My daughter went to the eye dr. today and she has some type of refraction error, so was referred to a specialist and will see him in February for glasses, I assume. He deals with pediatric stuff. She seems to be doing well, and they did say in a few years she might outgrow it but if I hadn't taken her it might have developed into lazy eye. Had parent teacher conference today and she is doing great, but a bit of a Drama Queen.

Teen son-well, he will have to go to court again and has lots on his plate. But irregardless, he did make some positive choices in the past week so that tells me all hope is not lost. I am proud of him for the good choices he has made, and hope he continues on that path-even though I know there will be setbacks.

Hubby is getting older, and feels it. He had a cortisone shot in his shoulder last Friday, and he is still in pain. Xray showed no problem but I know soft tissue injuries can be hard to diagnose without additonal testing so we will take things by day here as far as that goes. Having had four surgeries myself to my hand/arm/shoulder on the rt side I know how these things work.

I have been working OT a little bit, and am so far behind in housework and work work that I am going insane! Well, almost. I finally got around to buying the boxes to ship my prizes to my giveaway winners, and my orders finally came in for the last item in their surprise boxes. Because even though I got them gifts from craft fairs I still wanted to get a special gift-but they were on backorder so had to wait. Got them yesterday so by this weekend the boxes should be on their way-later than anticipated, but certainly not forgotten! So ladies, if you are reading this, I thank you for your patience. These last 3 weeks have had lots on my plate, so to speak.

So that has been my week, or past few weeks. I will try posting more often, but life has been so busy! Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Miss Creative Writings, we are sorry to hear your Dad's news, along with the other challenges you are encountering. But you are remarkable with all of this stuff and you can still write a post. Yours truly would be a gelatinous mass of jello on the floor.

We will keep you and your father in our thoughts and prayers,