Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Dream of Helene....

Ok, ok-I really don't DREAM of Helene, but I dream of owning more of the GORGEOUS (am I really shouting here?!) earrings that Helene makes.
Wishing Willow ( had a blog giveaway not too long ago and luck was with me. Out of about 414 comments I won their giveaway of Helene's beautiful Oregon Sunset earrings pictured here. Well, they arrived today and when I looked into that little box they came in all I could say was "oooh". Now hubby was curious by then and peered in as well, "ahhh" it seems there are no words to describe your first reaction when you open the box and see these shining masterpieces in front of you. On to Deja my 6 year old-she peered in and what did she do/say? "Mommy, can I HAVE THEM PLEASE???!!!" Maybe in a few years Deja, but mommy doesn't want to share. At least not for another 10 years.
I was very surprised by the size, these are definitely noticeable in your ears and I actually thought that they would be much smaller. So don't let the picture fool you. I am now whining to hubby that I have to have the blue ones to match and the pink ones too. See, I have already gone to Helene's Etsy site and scoped things out. Santa Claus will soon be coming to town. And I hope he brings me something from Helene. And if he doesn't, my birthday and anniversary are in January, and in February there is Valentines Day. I will beg, plead and whine for the blue ones. Ya know, Helene is giving more of these earrings away-either the ones I won or the gorgeous blue ones I so want right now. I really want to enter, but don't want to be greedy so will let some other very fortunate individual win these lovely earrings. If you want to try to win go here: GOOD LUCK! And don't forget to check out the other giveaways at both Wishing Willow and The Giveaway as well!

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Thank you, for your sincere and kind words. I am very happy that they make you really that is all that counts with me. Enjoy them. And Happy you and your sweet family!