Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet dreams, of the sugary kind that is!

Don't these peanuts look delicious? I knew you'd think so. One of my favorite things to eat is peanut butter: peanut butter alone, peanut butter and chocolate, ice cream sundaes with LOTS of peanut butter topping-ok, you get the drift.

So when I happened to find the Peanut Butter blog, with all kinds of goodies to make that featured-what else? Peanut butter, I decided to check it out. (

When I was pregnant for my son one of my cravings was peanut butter sauce-you know, the stuff you put on top of ice cream sundaes. At the time, we had a Friendly's Ice Cream Restaurant about 19 miles away, and I WANTED the sauce. I tried cooking just pure plain smooth peanut butter over the stove in a saucepan, but ended up burning it. Definitely a no-go there, so ended up begging my mom on a snowy winter afternoon to take her very pregnant daughter to the Friendly's restaurant to buy some peanut butter sauce. Once we got there, I had a male manager look at me very strangely when I asked to buy a pint of JUST the peanut butter sauce. And he refused, said it couldn't be done. The assistant manager, a woman, happened to see my very pregnant belly and gave him hell saying he shouldn't refuse a pregnant woman her cravings. The guy felt pretty stupid and gave in, and gave me the pint for FREE because he didn't have a clue how to charge me and probably felt pretty stupid for refusing me in the first place. So I went home, enjoying my peanut butter goodness straight from the carton-and went into labor a days later.

Since then, I have been a fan of all things peanut butter. And yes, I still eat peanut butter sundaes but have foregone the days of eating the ice cream topping straight from the carton. My daughter has even inheirited my love of peanut butter goodness, and we fight over the last spoonful of peanut butter flavored ice cream every time! (funny because when I was pregnant with her it was Taco Bell nachos with extra jalapenos that I craved...)

During a visit to the peanut butter blog I noticed they were giving away some creamy peanuts (pictured above) from the Sugar Dreams Bakery. I was so happy to learn that I won! I immediately checked out her shop on Etsy and found lots of other goodies too-boy those cupcakes sure looked yummy! I received my creamy peanuts and had to hide them until I was able to try them. The minute I opened my bag, the peanutty smell hit me and I knew it was a match made in Heaven. Of course, my daughter the peanut butter fan in training had to help me sample some-and even hubby got into the act, grabbing a few of his own. My poor son wasn't home at the time, but I managed to save him one and while he didn't say anything about it, it was gone the next day.

On to the creamy peanuts. Besides the wonderful peanut butter smell, these are melt in your mouth creamy goodness. The texture is so smoothe, so creamy that you could just let it sit on your tongue until it dissolves and get a slow, savory peanut butter fix. (I know I did!) Or you could just chew them up quickly for the quick peanut butter burst of flavor. (yup, tried it this way too!) If you love sweet goodness, and peanut butter-these are definitely for you. But if you are not a peanut butter person, those cuppy cakes look pretty darn good too!

UPDATE: I had written this review awhile ago, but just got around to posting it. It seems that due to an accident the sponsor's Etsy shop is currently closed. I wish Stacie well, and hope she will be back in business soon. If you want, you can leave an email so she can tell you when she opens up again. Definitely check out her site, because she has some great tasting goodies sure to please all!

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