Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on Stubby...

Well, I went to TX on vacation last week. My three big kitties can fend for themselves, but I was not about to leave my tiny little kitten with those three brutes.

So I asked my dad to babysit. He fell in love. His dog fell in love. His 6 mo. old female cat (another rescued kitten I had saved from a demise in the river...) is now "Mama". While Deja is a little pouty that her Pepere is going to keep her kitten, she knows that he will be well cared for. And fed.

In the morning, bacon, in the afternoon, hamburger, in the evening, steak-they all eat what he eats-in moderation of course. Plus pet food. Candy the female cat is treating Stubby like her baby. She becomes frantic when she can't find him in the house, and is teaching him to use the litterbox. He sleeps snuggled up next to her, and the dog sleeps next to both of them. With my father in close proximity as well.

You know, I knew this was going to happen. I am a little bummed myself, because Stubby is a cutie-but he makes my dad happy. And I just can't take away something from a 70+ yr old man who has been battling skin cancer for the last couple of years (too much sun in the past, laser treatments on his face within the past couple years) and who is just getting over shingles. His enjoyment is staying home, watching CNN and swearing at Bush (who he seems to think can hear him) when he is on the TV. And he loves his animals. I called him tonight and Stubby was snuggled in between his feet on the couch. The dog was up by his head and the other cat by his side. How he can move, I have no clue. Dad has told Deja that Stubby will be her kitty always, but he is going to keep him there to play with Candy his cat. I am glad he will be going to a good home, with my 3 big kitties I was a bit worried about taking him in in the first place. I will post some pics of the kitties together soon-until then, just wanted to fill you all in.

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Veggie Mom said...

Your Dad reminds me of my Dad. He'd be the first to adopt Stubby! My Dad's not around anymore, but if he were, I think he'd be swearing at more than Bush (which he used to do quite a bit!). Johnny Mac and Ms. Palin come to mind. The "family pet dynamic" in your Dad's house is just too cute!