Friday, September 26, 2008

Sales + Coupons = Coupon Organizers, check it out!

I like organization. But I am not the best at it. I've been trying, but I swear there should be a 12 step program to help us disorganized individuals out there. If someone moves something on my desk, I can no longer find it. Never mind the fact that my desk is so disorganized they probably had to hunt for it in the first place! But see, I know where it was. (and sometimes I don't!)

I like to save money and go shopping. Who doesn't want to be able to shop to their hearts content, save some money while doing so, leaving you MORE money to do the fun things ya wanna do...? But in order to be organized and hit the sales, and get the best bang for my buck-I need to organize my coupons and rebate forms. Not an easy task for a woman who has stuff scattered all over her desks, both home and work. And I gotta admit, there has been lots of disappointment lately, as I finally find that great form or coupon, only to find out the deal has expired.

But has the perfect answer to that. You can win a cute little coupon organizer for shopaholics like me. But hurry, because she is only taking entries until Sunday the 28th. And you definitely want to be in the running for this one, because even if ya already have a coupon organizer it'd make a great gift for that friend or relative who needs some organization in their lives. And check out her great deals while you are there! You'd be amazed at how much she gets and how little she pays!

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Chaz said...

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