Monday, September 22, 2008

For the perfect pairing...

Back in July, I was lucky enough to win this lovely Dip Duet set from AmyEsther Ceramics Etsy shop ( At the time, Jose was away in Guatemala, and I had visions of guacamole and salsa in that lovely set.

When it arrived, I decided it was a great set for one or two people, not a houseful. So Jose and I put it to work. We tried it with Lobster, it was perfect for the melted butter. We tried it with guacamole and salsa-we usually make BIG batches of this at home, and rather than take the whole bowl out of the fridge we were able to scoop up some salsa for one side, and use a fresh avocado for the homemade guacamole on the other side. It was just enough to provide us with the necessary condiments for our tacos, nachos, you name it. Sometimes, we wanted guacamole and sour cream-again a perfect fit as we only took out what we needed rather than waste more than we should.

For those that eat alone, or prefer to use a small amount of condiments, butter, etc... this would be great. Even for a couple, like Jose and I-it was a great fit. We constantly found ways to make the perfect pairing, as we'd say-depending on what we were eating. The set is easy to clean too, I hand wash it and it cleans easily and is ready for the table again in seconds. She also has lots of other nice ceramic goodies over at her shop that compliment this Dip Duet Set. Why don't you go and check it out, you might find your own perfect pairing over there. Thanks so much for letting me be the first to review and use this piece, it really is a fun piece that anyone would enjoy having in their kitchen!

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