Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's official! Taco Bell has come to town!

I have been waiting awhile for Taco Bell to finally arrive here. See, when I was pregnant with Deja I had late night cravings. And Taco Bell was the place to go. Deja was a nocturnal baby. Before her ultrasounds, my son gleefully got to shock her to wake her up during our daytime fetal movement monitoring. He really enjoyed it when the lady would tell me she needed to be moving more, because he knew what was coming. Now, if the lady had made appointments at 2 am there would have been no trouble with fetal movement, believe me. But since I was 35 and pregnant, they wanted to be cautious-and make sure all was well.
Anyways, back to the land of of Chalupas and Nachos... Deja would keep me up all night, and I would alternate between going on the computer and watching horror movies on the Dish. Hubby had a weird schedule too, so we were often awake together, in the middle of the night. Or he'd wake up and be hungry before heading out to work, and that meant a trip to the late night Taco Bell on Rte. 1 in South Attleboro. Boy, did I love that place. My craving with Deja was nachos loaded with jalapenos. Jose would scold me and tell me I was gonna be sick, but I ate every one of them darn jalapenos and felt great. Deja doesn't like spicy food, unlike her older brother-who LIVES for it. (and was very happy when I told him earlier today that Taco Bell was open) I figure the reason Deja hates the spicy stuff is due to the overload of jalapenos she got in the womb.
So now a Taco Bell has opened in my hometown. It's about time. I really felt like I was living in the last frontier, but I think the last frontier already HAD a Taco Bell. We used to have to drive around 2o miles to get some tacos-but now I can head on up the road at midnight and know I can have my tacos. Today Jose and I had to go, it was the first day they were open. Traffic wasn't bad, and they served us pretty fast too. They had lots of workers there too, which made it lots quicker. My chalupas were great, so great I now am wearing them via a big old stain in between the "girls" when a piece of the meat fell out. Going back to work, they all knew where I had been. The stain told the story. And I was so careful too. I know where I am heading this Saturday at 1 am...I have a date-with Taco Bell.


Veggie Mom said...

I love the Taco Bell chihuahua...I wish they would run those commercials again, or at least update them. I try not to eat too much fast food, but TB is one of my faves, I'll have to admit!

Rachel said...

I so love Taco Bell BUT, we don't go there anymore as my oldest son got ECOLI from our local Taco bell when he was 3.
It was around christmas time and I was 8 months pregnant with my first daughter. They had to life flight him to Portland and he was put in ICU. Scary stuff.

If I were there I would sneak off at 1:00am with you and eat some bell. Just don't tell my family. I do sneak a taco every now and then. I just have to make sure that my kids aren't with me. :) They freak if we go there. Man I'm craving some taco's right now.