Monday, September 29, 2008

Pasta at Pizza Hut? You Bet!

I was very fortunate to have won a free Tuscani pasta meal from Pizza Hut over at a short time ago. Now, I am a Pizza Hut fan from long before these pasta dinners came around . As a matter of fact, I just bought the fundraiser card for the freebie pizzas from a co-worker this past week and am awaiting the October holiday in a few weeks that will give me a day off and time to enjoy the lunch buffet at the great price of 99 cents due to a survey I took earlier from a previous visit. See, I told ya I LIKED the place.
So, I'd been hearing all around the blogosphere about these Tuscani dinners and how great they are. At the buffet, I usually have a little bit of the Cavitini pasta they have sitting there, but I am not nuts about it. And hubby, well, if he has alot of tomato based products or a really saucy dish-the Prilosec comes out. He can tolerate it, but he is not the huge pizza fan I am for that very reason. So when I heard they have a new Mac and Cheese Tuscani bake with bacon on top, I thought this was something I really wanted to try. We like Mac and Cheese, and thought the bacon on top would give it an extra special taste-which it did.
My prize came in the form of a $20 Pizza Hut gift card. Now with me being a bargain hunter, I began searching for Pizza Hut coupons to use with the Tuscani dinners. Luckily, mom had one left on her doorknob earlier that day-and she gave me one for a Tuscani dinner and 10 Hershey dippers for $15.99-hmmm, dinner and dessert-sounds like a plan. I called in to order while we were shopping at Kmart, and when we got there they informed me they'd burnt my Hershey dippers (oh-oh) but were making new ones. (phew!) I also added cheese to the breadsticks for $1.00 more and added some Marinara sauce. My daughter LOVES their cheesy breadsticks, so I figured if she wouldn't eat the Mac and Cheese Tuscani bake, I could at least get something in her belly before dessert.
We took it home and I was really impressed with the portion size. We had some of the bread sticks first with our daughter, and then started on the Tuscani pasta. My daughter had a little bit, and seemed to like it well enough. I asked hubby what he thought, and he gave me the so-so sign. I took my first bite... and really liked it. So much that I went back for seconds. Hubby ate his portion and didn't talk much, but that night as he was finishing off his second portion before heading to work he told me he really liked it alot. The only thing he had was he wished it had just a bit more bacon. Ok, so maybe it could have used a smidgen more of bacon-but every bite I took had some bacon in in that gave it a really good flavor-so overloading it with bacon would have been too much. Funny, for someone who thought it just so-so he was asking when I was going to order it again. So, it looks like when I want an easy night at home and minimal clean up I will definitely be calling Pizza Hut. Thanks to Lisa and to Pizza Hut for giving me a chance to try this dish. It is not something I usually get at Pizza Hut, so this is another great option for us when we don't want pizza again. And I am hoping to see more coupons for this great product from them soon! Go to their website and take a good look at the three flavors you can get. I am sure there is one of them that you will love. And we all need an easy night in once in awhile, don't we?


Leah said...

Thanks for reviewing this! In my new job, I take lunches into doctor's offices and have been wondering about this pasta, because it is a lot cheaper than other options. So I am glad to know that it is good!

Lisa said...

I'm glad like it!