Saturday, September 20, 2008

Congrats Rhonda!

Woohoo! My coworker won a Harley! As in Harley-Davidson motorcycle... $10,000 worth and all hers! She has won a few other things, but this is the biggest and best thing she has EVER won. She found the entry blanks at the store, while buying car parts for her constantly broken down Dodge Neon (which would be in GOOD shape if someone didn't hit her and take off the front end while she was sitting in a driveway.) Rather than total the Neon, like they should have, they fixed it-but it was never quite right. And she has sunk money into that thing herself, which is painful when you are still making car payments too. AND she needs surgery on her shoulder, major surgery, but refuses to have it right now. The funny thing is, she had a motorcycle and rode one for many years when she was younger. But when she became a new mom, she decided riding the bike was too dangerous and sold it. Now that her son is 15, she can take up her passion of motorcycle riding again, albeit this time on a Harley. Plus, with the money she spends on gas to get to work, this will be a serious investment for gas savings. She won it from Miller Lite, so I guess I know what she and her boyfriend will be drinking this weekend at his big birthday bash. Funny thing is despite her busy schedule, I told her all about my latest fun hobby of blogging and so she started a blog and began entering the giveaways here and there. And the one she really wanted over at Ecorazzi for the cool battery powered lawnmower? She won it! I was pretty happy, because that one will be so much better for her shoulder than the one she was using now. And now this win... geez, I guess when she gets to work on Monday I had better rub her for good luck, huh? Now if she only can win enough money to live her dream life. She wants to live on a dude ranch and be a walnut farmer... and she'd probably kill me if she knew I posted this out in bloggyworld for all to see. I guess Monday she best be buying a lottery ticket, because she certainly has been very lucky lately! Congrats Rhonda, enjoy your new ride!

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Veggie Mom said...

Wow--Hubz has always coveted a Corvette, but thankfully not a Harley. Too much power--it would scare me if he road motorcycles. Your friend must be super-excited, though! BTW, I'm starting a Great New Giveaway over at my place today, and there are SIX prizes to win! Come on by!