Friday, September 5, 2008

Review-Nana Star

Deja was just thrilled when we got the package from Nana Star ( to review. She loved the soft Nana Star doll, accompanying CD and the wonderful book, full of vibrant illustrations that told the story of Nana Star.

She opened the package shortly before bedtime, and begged me to read her the story. How could I refuse? Even I was curious by then.

I read on the website that Elizabeth Owens, a grandmother of five herself, is the real Nana Star. She and her little grandson loved to gaze out at the evening sky and look for the Moonman and the stars. When her beloved grandson moved away, Elizabeth began sending him handmade cards filled with a grandmothers love and wonderful imagination-cards which spoke of delightful characters she had created, and which let him know that the Moonman would always be with him no matter how far away he lived. What a wonderful inspiration and comforting message for her little grandson! I remember when my son Demetrio was three, we moved to Rhode Island. We lived there for seven years, and during those years my own mother sent him homemade drawings she had done, pages she had colored for him, and wonderful little cards she had made as well. I still have them, years later, in a special place in my closet.

Elizabeth's lovely stories of Nana Star and her friend the Moonman are shown here: along with wonderful products you can share with your own little ones. While the Nana Star book is first in the series, along the way Nana Star meets up with many new friends in her adventures, friends who can provide her with positive influences and help her develop her own character. As the series continues, it will give your child plenty of inspiration and help them to develop creativity-not to mention teaching them positive behaviors such as respect, sharing, manners and many others.

Without giving too much away, Nana Star tells the story of a little star that has fallen out of the sky and wants to go back home. He feels lost, frightened and all alone. The little girl, Nana Star, decides she will help the little star to get back home. The Moonman provides guidance and comfort along the way. The theme is about helping others, and it goes to show that no matter how big or small you are, helping others is important.

I know Deja can't wait to read more books in the series. By the way, did I tell you that four generations of Nana Star's family are involved with this book? Elizabeth is the creator, her eldest daughter is the illustrator, her two granddaughters are the writers and publishers of the book, and her great grandchildren are the inspiration. They've really made it a family affair-and I am so glad they were willing to share the story of Nana Star with the rest of us.
I look forward to reading future installments in the adventures of Nana Star, and meeting her new friends too. Deja plans on taking her Nana Star book to school soon, so the teacher will be able to share the story of Nana Star with her classmates. After I read Deja the story of Nana Star, she fell sound asleep with her Nana Star doll by her side. I couldn't resist taking a photo. Sweet dreams, Deja. May Nana Star and the Moonman always watch over you.

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Our apologies for not writing sooner. We recently lost our beloved Nana Star and have been a little slow in getting “back in the swing of things”.

Thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational review. It is very heartwarming to read a review like yours and see how you "get" the meaning of the Nana Star series. The time and effort you took on this post is truly appreciated. And what a sweet picture of Deja asleep with Nana Star!

Your review and link have been placed on our site. We hope you’ll stop by our page and we look forward to seeing you around too!

Blaphs and Blessings,