Thursday, September 25, 2008

The next Picasso?

This is a pic of Deja from this past year, before the "critter incident" which caused her to have her hair cut to shoulder length. (which by the way I love, because she looks like the little lady and it is SO much easier to take care of!)
As you can see, she is a budding little artist-she loves coloring and drawing and I have a feeling she will be on Etsy someday! She helps me decorate envelopes and loves to enter kiddie coloring contests in the newspaper. She is very proud of herself, she won a free Kids Meal at Applebee's from the last one and 2 movie passes from the local cinema for the one before that. When we went to San Antonio, she entertained herself on the plane by coloring and drawing. And by watching mommy cry because she was so darn scared of the bumpy plane ride....but that is another story in itself.
Today when I went to pick her up at afterschool care, she was making an awesome spider for Halloween. I have a whole bucket full of her crafts since she started preschool and hate to part with any one of them. And the fridge? Well, that's full too. I still have lots of stuff my son made me in grade school too, and now that he is older I like to take it out and look at it. My son really didn't get into art much, but my daughter is just the opposite. My son was a whiz at making Legos creations...Deja can tolerate a few Legos but prefers to draw.
So today, I wanted to do a tribute to my little artist... who adorns my home with her wonderful creations and makes me so proud. Keep up the good work Deja, mommy loves you!

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Zen Ventures said...

How old is she? She is like my daughter's age. Mine is 4 and she LOVE to draw and color- so much - her passion ends up all the way to the floor to the wall!

Btw, do u speak spanish? Because you call your cat brujita which how I fondly call my daughter - the little witch! :)