Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time to decorate your stuff with PakNaks!

Awhile back, I was lucky enough to win a set of 3 PakNaks from Mom's View and I sat down with Deja and looked at all the wonderful designs on their website.
They had so many cute things I had a hard time choosing-take a look for yourself: I let Deja choose the three designs she wanted the most (don't get me wrong she wanted MORE, alot more!) and she chose Claire the kitty, Kyla Jane the Butterfly and Minty the hearts. When they arrived, I let her open the package. She was thrilled beyond belief and told Daddy she wanted them all on her backpack. It was a cinch to apply the velcro to the backpack, and then stick the PakNaks on. And they DO NOT come off. Unless you pull them off the velcro to rearrange them or something. I am pretty impressed with that, because I was sure that after a few weeks these would be falling off.
At school, Deja's friends oohed and aahed over her PakNaks because they had never seen any. I am pretty sure they went home and asked their parents for some... I also love the fact that these are made of a rubbery type material and can wipe clean easily. Claire, being a white kitty tends to get a little dirtier than the rest, but using a wet wipe, I was able to clean her off in seconds and put her back on the backpack. Quick and easy-perfect for a busy mom like me. Also, they sell extra velcro if needed. One thing Deja mentioned to me was that next year she still wanted her PakNaks on her new backpack. (she likes to think ahead) So it looks like new PakNaks and extra velcro are on my shopping list for next school year. These would make cute stocking stuffers for the holidays or great party favors at a birthday party as they have them for both boys and girls. Anne is very nice, and it was a pleasure receiving my PakNaks from her. She really cares about what her customers think, and that makes me happy. Go over to her site and take a look, I'll bet you will have a hard time resisting a PakNak...or two.

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