Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ewwwww......Not again!

No, these are not from my house. But they are back. School has started and I noticed the suspicious looking sticky eggs (or if it wasn't them, it sure fooled me) in Deja's hair this morning as I was brushing it. No live ones detected, but you can bet when she gets home from school today I am going to condition her hair to death!

It didn't help this morning when another co-worker of mine had to go home immediately as they found head lice on all THREE of her children. I have been so careful with Deja, but do you know how hard it is to tell a 6 yr old not to get TOO close to your friends or share hair items, especially if you are a girly girl and into that kind of stuff?

At the Afterschool program she attends they play dress up sometimes, and I have warned her to be careful. You'd think, with head lice being such a problem they wouldn't be doing that. She can still attend school, but the Afterschool program has a no nit policy, but they still want their $$$. This summer, I spent 3 weeks searching for nits when she came down with her first infestation (during the start of their summer camp program) and got hit paying $85.00 a week and keeping her home until they found NOTHING in her hair-for 3 weeks. Geez, I just wish they would check the hair of the other kids-I report this stuff, as a good parent, but I can bet there are some parents in the program who are keeping silent and letting their kids go in untreated. And no one is checking their heads or keeping them out of the program.

Anyways, I was going to work overtime tonight-but that option is out. I am going to work on taking care of this issue before it spreads, because you know it will. It was dark this morning, I had my mom look (we are both head lice dumb-only seen them one other time this past summer) and she thinks there might be a problem as well. Ah...lucky me, I knew that laundry detergent I got on sale was going to be used for something important.

I pity my poor co-worker though, THREE kids all with long hair (even the boy has a full head of hair, not long but just very thick) she is going to have her work cut out for her for awhile. Well, lunch has ended so it's back to the office for the afternoon!

UPDATE: Yup, it's eggs. But they are small, meaning probably just laid a few days ago. No live ones found. Hubby refuses to get treated, thinks he is immune I guess. Gonna sneak a peek when he rolls over. Me, I am getting ready for some Nix. Just seeing those darn eggs this morning has had me scratching all day. Deja is sitting with Nix on her hair now. I have a natural remedy, but you gotta wait four hours to take it off, she will be asleep by then-so better 10 minutes and Ni-the quick fix, lol. I did buy some Tea Tree oil today to put in her shampoo until an order I have from Circle of Friends comes in with Lice Shampoo and Conditioner... And I am gonna put some drops of tea tree oil in a sprayer and spray the mattress and stuff I can't wash. But since Deja sleeps mostly in our bed when Daddy works nights, Daddy won't let me tackle the bedding because he is sleeping... so hoping nothing has gotten to the bedding-and will tackle it on the weekend. I guess there goes my chance for overtime at work, since I need to treat the house on the weekend when daddy is up and about. Oh well... ya win some ya lose some.


tik-tiki said...

friends in japan are dealing with it...and i am dealing with it here in is so common but so often not talked about. the conditioner and combing really nip it in the bud! good luck.

The Happy Housewife said...

oh how terrible! We have never had to deal with this, and I hope we never do! It does bother me when other parents send their kids to school, day care, Sunday school (whatever) when they know their kid is sick or has something contagious! Ugh!

Zen Ventures said...

eeks! this reminded me when we went to the Philippines. Being a hot country, this sneaky little critters are a common "pet" in each child's head. My daughter got it there and I was able to extinct them before we headed back to the US. Thanks to that effective lice shampoo (which was always out of stock- I finally got one from a neighboring town), I didn't have to cut her hair.