Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Crisis, saved by Gracie from the Land Down Under

... A few weeks ago Deja was invited to a birthday party at the last minute. One of those, oh my party is tonight and are you coming??? type events that I am SO unprepared for. I had to work all day until 4:30, pick up Deja by 5 at summer camp, and the party was at 5:30---nothing like last minute planning, huh?
Here is a pic with Callette (center) the birthday girl and her older sister Genesis. Deja is happily wearing her Princess shirt and posing for the pic as well. Now I sent my retired mom off during the day to get the gift (Bratz) and when the time came, I realized I'd forgotten to get a card!
Luckily I was chosen as a winner in July on Gracie's blog ( of some awesome notecards (not exactly the ones pictured above, but very much like them!) These cards came all the way from Australia, and while Deja wished she would have thrown in a live koala bear too, I was very happy to have them. We rushed home and got one of Gracie's cute little butterfly notecards and Deja signed it and we taped it to the gift. When Callette opened up the card, she just loved it. I love unique cards, and this truly was a unique girly one with butterflies and pink design. I have four more cards I am saving for these little girl birthday parties that Deja is sure to be invited to in the next year. The little girls love them, and even the moms oohed and aahhed thinking I had made them. (and they liked it even better when I said I'd won them on a blog giveaway from a nice lady in Australia!) Phew, another crisis solved-thanks Gracie! Your notecards are cute and very, very nice, perfect for party gifts!


Veggie Mom said...

You're lucky you could send Grandma to the rescue. And those cards are just TOO CUTE! I always pick up "crafty" and cute ideas from you, ya know that?

Gracie said...

Thanks so much Michele! I'm glad they helped you out in this party situation =)