Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lisa's End of the World Party

Earlier this year, a co-worker of mine who is really into freebies (as in she goes home on break to look for freebies and coupons etc...) entered a sweepstakes on a Pepsi site as a whim, never thinking she'd win anything. She forgot about the sweepstakes and got the freebie associated with Pepsi and just went on with life until she happened to get an email. Now as you all know with emails, we've all got some rich relative or unknown person willing to send us money for free or we've won the Nigerian lottery even though we never really entered it. The email said something about Pepsi End of the World and we all wondered what it could be. She called the toll free number associated with the email after we'd googled it to find out if it was legit or not and they told her pending confirmation she was a grand prize winner and would receive paperwork in a few days. She was shocked I think and forgot to ask what the prize was... it drove us all nuts until she got the paperwork via Fedex a few days later. She had won some cash (always helpful since layoff was coming) and an End of the World Party hosted by Pepsi for her and 10 people. We were all happy for her and anxious to hear about the party-we kept in touch after layoff and with a week to go till the party someone had decided they did not want to go and she called me to ask if I wanted to go in their place. Wow! She didn't have to ask me twice. Apparently she was going to be picked up at her home, taken to a local bowling center for some bowling, fun and games, and then we'd head back to town for an awesome dinner. I got to her house shortly before the bus came, and once everyone got on board off we went to have some fun. While I would have liked to bowl, my shoulder problem wouldn't let me do so-and rather than attempt anything like that I sat back, chatted, and watched everyone else. The Pepsi rep was fantastic and let us order whatever we wanted for refreshments ;) and he also ordered some pizza. Everyone took off, either bowling, playing arcade games or playing pool. We stayed there for a few hours and then it was time to head back to town for dinner. Since the place we'd be going to dinner was a public establishment, hubby decided to meet me there. We were pleasantly surprised when the Pepsi rep also ordered him a meal as well. The table was LOADED with food, there were so many appetizers going around and everyone was enjoying each other's company. When the food came out, I couldn't believe it... I'd asked for chicken and steak tips and it was two whole meals (one of which I took home for the next day) hubby had lobsters which he had to eat there, and steak tips to take home. Lisa had boxes and boxes of appetizers left over as well... and the Pepsi rep gave us each a Pepsi insulated cup (which I love!) and a Pepsi End of the World t-shirt (which hubby loves and everyone wants!) I can tell you if it was truly the End of the World, we were going in style courtesy of Pepsi. Tons of food, great company, and lots of fun too. Finally, it was the end of the night and the bus brought everyone home (except for hubby and I since he met me up there we drove home in our own car). The world may not have ended, but I don't think we would have cared very much if it did, we were so stuffed and happy after a great day altogether. Big thanks to my co-worker Lisa for inviting me, and to Pepsi for sponsoring such a fun event!


Unknown said...

wow what an amazing experience! thats why i love entering sweepstakes! hope you can enter mine too! thanks for sharing this

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mail4rosey said...

How fun! I'm glad you got the invite. :)