Thursday, March 31, 2011

$10 GC winner!

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It appears the winner is Sksweeps~! Congratulations :) You chose the Paypal option as your prize, so I will be contacting you shortly to confirm the email address you would like the money sent to.

I am going to be doing another giveaway soon so keep your eyes open, I like doing these gift card giveaways, its lots of fun and a great way to reward my followers :) Have a great night folks, and a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Experience with Food Poisoning...

On Monday, my family and I decided to get some Chinese food from a local new restaurant (which shall remain nameless lol). Hubby and I had eaten from there before, and never had a problem. Until Monday that is...

We ordered ham fried rice, chicken fingers and crab rangoons. After persuading my daughter to try the rice and chicken fingers, since she really doesn't like Chinese food-I was happy to finally get her to try something new.

We ate around 5:30 and I was tired and not feeling well shortly after, and took a nap, waking around 8 pm or so. My daughter had also joined us on the bed and was watching TV. Daddy got up to go to work around 9:30-I had woken up but really couldn't move very far from the bed, my stomach hurt, my head hurt and I felt somewhat disoriented.

I told my hubby that I wasn't feeling well, and he chastised me for eating too much at supper... little did he know what was going to happen later on that night. Shortly after 10 pm he was gone, my daughter was sound asleep, and I was in pain-gut wrenching, agonizing pain in my stomach. This was no ordinary bellyache from eating too much, that I DID know.

As the hours went by the pain was worse, and was accompanied by power puking. My whole body hurt from puking so hard, and when I thought it could get no worse, on came the watery diarrhea with a vengeance. Around midnight, I noticed my daughter thrashing on the bed next to me, she was awake and holding her belly.

I knew what was next. And I was right. I ran into the kitchen for a second pail to puke in (it came so fast we could barely make it to the bathroom, so the pails were there just in case...) For the next few hours, we both took turns running to the bathroom pail in hand, in agonizing pain. Lucky for her, I had gotten a few samples awhile back of those disposable undies that kids who wet the bed wear, and though she didn't want to wear them-they came in handy when her diarrhea kicked in.

I called hubby to see how he was doing... after all, he'd eaten it as well. He seemed surprised, but said that he had an odd butterfly like feeling in his tummy but so far, no problem. As I write this, he still doesn't have a problem-one I attribute to his cast iron stomach and being Central American he can tolerate a lot more than I can stomach wise as evidenced by last years trip to Guatemala and his not getting sick eating from street vendors.

He arrived around 3 am, and by 6 am my daughter and I were begging to go to the hospital. We both ended up in the ER yesterday morning with food poisoning. Something to do with the eggs in the fried rice not being cooked thoroughly... ugh, when the doctor told us the diarrhea could last for up to 2 weeks I was not thrilled. There is absolutely NO CONTROL whatsoever and I am seriously not liking the fact that I may need to wear Depends until this settles... We did get meds for it, along with meds for the muscle spasms and I am watching to make sure we don't dehydrate as well.

I used to eat out a lot-but now may be eating more at home. At least I know how my food is prepared, and that I have cooked it long enough. As I write this, my head is pounding, and I've already failed to make it to the bathroom once. :( I am heading back to bed in a few... all these meds have made me exhausted and sleepy. I will be picking the winner of my giveaway later this evening or tomorrow-

Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway-Win a $10 GC to...

Well, where do ya want it? Do you want Paypal? Or how about McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Arbys, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Dominos, Papa Johns? All of these places are where I live, and I am willing to pick one up for you!

Giveaway starts tonight, March 14th and will end March 28th at 11:59 PM EST. US and Canada can enter, but make sure you know that you will be getting the GC in US funds. Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to my winning email before I select a new winner. Please leave a way to contact you in your comment, if I don't have an email I can't let you know you've won!

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Good luck! Disclosure: I am purchasing the GC with my own funds... 'nuff said :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Just a Bruise... Good News After All

I have been on pins and needles the past few weeks as I waited for a supposed biopsy on a strange lump on my left lower shin area. (on the outside) I went to the surgeon yesterday and he wasn't worried in the least-saying it was a bruise that may last for a long time, perhaps the fatty tissue was bruised, but it wasn't as deep as the bone-and for him to biopsy it and/or remove it would be more trouble than it was worth.

He said it will go away, but take time-considering I've had it about 4-5 months I suppose I can live with it a little longer. Whew! At least a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and I am free to plan a trip to Central America later this year and even though it is painful and swells up at times, it is something I can live with.

My layoff should be within a month or so, work is finally winding down and although still very busy (we're a bit behind) I can tell my time of rest is coming soon! After awhile, my brain just gets fried-too much thinking and I make stupid mistakes :( lol. And I HATE making mistakes because it makes me look stupid, go figure!

But I will miss my coworkers, I have some of the best ones around. Heading to bed, have a great week and sweet dreams!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekly Happenings

Well, readers-I go next Tuesday to the surgeon for a biopsy on my left leg. The infection I apparently had did not go away, and ultrasound showed a 1cm x 1cm solid mass there. Again, I really think I whacked it hard (lower leg, outer side, how many of us have done that, right?) on my waterbed one night as I stumbled out of bed to go to the bathroom and wasn't quite fully alert.

But because whatever it was was "nonspecific" they are going to check into it a little further. I do have to admit, it has been painful and sore, and causing swelling in the foot and ankle area(which goes down at night after rest). I know soft tissue sarcomas are rare, but you know, I am one of the rare individuals who had a mastoid operation years ago on my left ear too-so I don't discount anything nowadays.

Everyone says not to worry, but I still do. I've seen cancer via my dad (lung and skin cancer) and it's not pretty. But I also know quite a few survivors, and I have faith with the advances in medicine today and a higher power helping-if it is meant to be, then I will be fine. Hubby said I would most likely have a heart attack from the stress of waiting to find out results before I got diagnosed with anything.

Or it could be just a fatty tumor. My mom has a couple, and they can be hereditary. Whatever it is though, I want it removed! It feels like it is pressing on a nerve, and getting into the filing cabinets (standing on my tippy toes because I am so short lol) has not been a wonderful feeling as of late. Lucky for me, I have taller coworkers who are helping :)

It is hard not to dwell on things, but I am trying to think positive. I admit, it has not been easy after all the problems I have had with my teeth this year (and we are only into March!) but I am trying to look at it as all these things are happening now so I can take care of them before I head on a big plane to Guatemala for a month in June and July. (and yes, I did buy trip insurance, those tickets were too darn expensive NOT to!)

I will continue to post sporadically as I find out more info, and hope to review and give away more items soon. I ask you to hang in there with me, perhaps I will have a few quickie Avon product giveaways coming up to keep you happy this month-that I CAN do. (Avon Rep. that I am) I am also adjusting to a new computer and need to load pics on it, so there has been a lack of photos lately to go along with my posts. But once I get these health things back on track, I plan on taking lots of pics with layoff coming soon and of course the warmer weather too.

Wishing you all a great week. I will be placing an order with Avon soon, so hope to have a giveaway open by next week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Pledge...

Boy, it's been a rough week! Yesterday, in addition to the snow coming down and horrible driving weather-four of us in the same office called in sick! (I am now paying the price, believe me!) My guess is that we all picked up something and shared it around the office, you know those lovely stomach viruses that make you sicker than a dog for 24-48 hours?

I came home from work for a quick lunch break (to make some toast, my tummy still isn't up to par) to a HORRIFIC smell. Seems one of my cats has now taken over-the bathroom floor looked terrible (he couldn't wait to get to the litterbox ew....) and he had also puked up the entire contents of his stomach too. This was so NOT the thing I wanted to spend lunch time doing, but cats are like kids-SOMEONE has to clean up after them. (and it's not hubby!)

I am still waiting for a call from the doctor about a lump I have on my leg. They had thought it was cellulitis, or even a bruise-but it hasn't gone away and it's been a few months now. I actually had emergency tests at the hospital last week to rule out DVT to make sure no blood clots lurking in any veins. Add this to my teeth troubles this year and 2011 has been a terrible year for me health wise. Hoping that it all gets better from here on, that no news is good news, and that the doctor will call me soon to let me know all is fine.

I do feel terrible, tired, overweight, and body aches and pains more than I should. I also want to be around a long, long time to enjoy watching my children and grandchildren grow up-so I guess now is the time to start thinking about eating healthier and losing weight. I don't think the journey will be an easy one at first, as I am a fast food junkie-whether it be eating out or eating at home, if it is convenient I want it! But those goodies are loaded with calories, sodium and lots of other things that are ok in moderation, or ok even to cheat once in awhile, but damaging to the body in so many other ways after years of eating that way.

So I am going to make a pledge to start eating healthier, for myself and my family. Hopefully, someone of these eating habits will also stick with them and we can enjoy a new way of healthy eating together. :) It most likely will be difficult, but I need to get this done! Wish me luck!